• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Footage filmed by a captured volunteer medic footage has shown the horrors taking place in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol after it …


25 thoughts on “Ukraine war: Captured medic's bodycam footage shows horror of Mariupol”
  1. Maybe zelenskyy,biden, should have thought about before letting ukrain into nato. This is all Ukraine and the united states fault. U made this bed now u sleep in it

  2. Don't even know what's truth anymore with these propaganda machines like the ghost of Kiev that was never heard about again because he only existed in a video game. Lol news reporting video game clips as oficial..

  3. This war has to end asap. The longer the stupid Ukrainian president tries to fight back instead of making concessions, the more needless bloodshed will take place.

  4. I meannnn, this is coming to US soon. KS and his goons paid to cause this violence and insinuate a war to generate billions. I feel like I’m living in a twilight zone of ppl being blind to seriously evil agendas being propagated and materialized right infront of them. It’s so sad and confusing. People are turning back to religion in record numbers. Something is coming that’s bigger than all of us

  5. F. offffffffffff russia is right, ukraine's entry into nato threatens russia and if they place missiles in ukraine in the future, what will russia do?

  6. I'm a tough guy, and watching when that boy died instantly brought tears to my eyes. Seeing things like this just makes me want to see American stealth bombers bringing shock and awe to Moscow like it did to Baghdad. Laying waste to every government and military building in that city. What kind of monsters shoot a little boy and girl

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