• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Sky’s Alex Rossi joins Ukrainian soldiers who are defending the key eastern battleground town of Vuhledar. Around 1000 …


31 thoughts on “Ukraine War: 'They're just advancing over their dead brothers' in Vuhledar”
  1. damn that MG. crazy to see it still in action. It is so sad to see so many young men, men my age and hell even younger dying every day, on both sides.

  2. Russia is doing everything "by the book". If this was America and not Russia, USA would have cleaned them out with their bombing raids like Yugoslavia. Russia at least is protecting the civilians by fighting hand to hand combat.

  3. Putin has been warning the US to stay away from Russia for 25 years as agreed in the Warsaw pact and for 25 years the US has lied and has been expanding Nato(US bases) closer to Russia. Their arrogance refused to believe Putin would take action and now Ukraine and it people are suffering in horror. The Russian army will slowly meat grind it's way thru the country until there is none left to fight. Ukraine is already resorting to 15 year old boys and old men to fill the gaps that 200,000 dead and 300 to 400,000 casualties has created. (i did not get these figures from mainstream news). It is a completely avoidable tragedy but unfortunately there are billions to be made by those in the white house and the military industrial complex and they must be in my opinion be the epitome of evil.

  4. A whole single dead body of a Russian Commander… def something to write home about… a certain sign of the war turning the corner…it would be funny if it were not so brutally sad that our media is utterly vacant of discernment, morality and justice. Far far worse than lawyers.

  5. If this war teaches anyone anything, It will be to totally ignore the media… Everyone remember the headlines on Russia's catastrophic failure? Well, if that was all spot on, then this cant be happening… According to leftist experts, they dont have any tanks, troops or advanced missile left, but wait…. Get ready for conscription folks… and get your daughters ready for it, because they are now equally allowed to get blown to little bits on a field . Fun times ahead.

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