• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Ukraine War: Ukraine artillery outnumbered 20:1 by Russia in some areas

NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has praised “unprecedented” support for Ukraine in a press conference almost four …


42 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Ukraine artillery outnumbered 20:1 by Russia in some areas”
  1. one of the war deep structure Ukraine a democratic state wealth is for all, Russia etatism exploitstate wealth for war, russia with its state wealth might sustain next 6 months, but Ukraine need more debts to sustain, there Ukrainetc will be more thousands deaths in both especially russia but devastating effects in like those kharkiv etc

  2. Amazing how the US, UK & EU refuse to protect their own borders yet risk WW3 to protect part of a border of the 4th most corrupt country in the world. Our leaders give us endless BS propaganda & lies.

  3. The more money Europe prints more inflation they create and with all European countries engaging in deficit spending they surely collapse their scared cause they won’t be able to finance a war

  4. Why NATO U. N not be able to get helping Ukraine let Russian Army killing civilians in Ukraine Day by Day no can stop evil Russia army Ukraine need the world help to stop the Mr evil Putin

  5. Why is "North Atlantic" Treaty Organization talking about China?
    It claimed to be a force of defense and not of aggression. Seems like it's just a tool of American imperialism, a grand proxy of the US.
    Infact, security of europe is probably not even its secondary priority.

  6. It seems that the German press is still trying to push the idea that NATO somehow attacked and invaded mainland Russia and therefore Putin had to defend himself by attacking and invading Ukraine. And they r quitting anyone they can including the pope

  7. And….. Anyone who understands Russian military tactics knows this is standard Russian operational procedures. The Russian military is not terribly inventive in their thinking. They simply mass overwhelming force in a small area = and pound it. Their battle plan is less maneuver and more a war of attrition. That is why the US and NATO need to step up their pushing resources to Ukraine. Whatever it costs it will be far cheaper than the alternative if Russia wins.

  8. all talk no action , as Trump said , stop sitting on the sidelines it only makes it worst , dictators have to met with force quickly ..to end it fast ..

  9. Why isnt anyone asking why there are US military bases on Russia’s borders? Why are NATO creating chaos and wars in order to justify their own existence. We are on the precipice of ww3 and there is no diplomacy from the west …. Rather they throw fuel on the fire in a futile attempt to enact regime change in moscow….. patehtic

  10. The root of this conflict can be traced back to Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union in 1939. Russia from the days of the Soviet Union has been mistrustful and suspicious of the west since World War II (WWII). It is the traumatic experience of the German invasion Russia in 1939 that is at the root of the problem.

    WWII ended with a huge soviet red army that was perceived as a threat to the west which resulted in the creation of NATO to counter the threat. Then NATO became a perceived threat to the Soviet Union resulting in the nuclear arms race and the cold war. Putin's concern about NATO is rooted in memories of WWII. Putin's own ambitions add to the problem. Yes the whole thing is stupid and can be no winner but is real.

    Ukraine because of its location got caught in the middle between Russia and the west. The real conflict is between Putin and the west. Ukraine did nothing to deserve what is happening now. Ukraine had nothing to do with this past.

    The west need to provide a lot more real help before Putin is at their border.

  11. President Putin yuo have to stop fighting Ukraine as well for under stang life of human rights the country that likes to join nato at Europe let it join do not take revenge with innocent people ever thing has end

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