• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ukrainian forces drop bombs on Russian soldiers hiding in trenches in Bakhmut. The Sun newspaper brings you the latest …


38 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces drop bombs on Russian soldiers hiding in trenches”
  1. This war gets real personal. Fighting over land and honor drives men into such inhumanities. These men should all be laughing with friends over beers and vodka, or holding their wives and children on cold nights to dream of better futures. Instead, they massacre each other over patches of twigs and soil. Madness, simply madness how power leads simple men to become monsters.

  2. Good job as they were in Ukraine to kill women and children and impose an amoral narcissistic dictator's will on innocent people. Russia we will never surrender to you, so all you are doing is killing your future.

  3. Can't understand what the Russians are doing. seem to just be living in trenches, scurrying around the countryside just being cannon fodder. What a joke army the Russians are, though not joking, war sucks…

  4. Шось на подібних відео ботів не набігає з висерами "раісся впєрдє" і "мачіть хахлов". Не розумію чому… Це не дуже гойда?

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