• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian forces pummel Russian invaders with Howitzer and mortars in the south. The images show Ukrainian …


18 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces pummel Russian invaders with Howitzer and mortars”
  1. Russia would be a better place if Putin was not in charged, and Ukraine would be a wonderful peaceful place if Putin didn't start a war

  2. play GAME ….exelent ahahahahahhahahaha
    ahahahahahhahaha you really are total sick people

    it means terribly … you are lying so much … as if you were released from an institution for mentally disturbed people … we are Christians but we are not fools … we are not stupid … we can clearly see that Ukraine has no chance against Russia…not even NATO has a chance against Russia 😛 😀 😀 😀

  3. Such brave and courageous men fighting for THEIR homeland. Most of them have very little experience with these weapons but seem to have been trained well and even intercepted Russian forces communications say how precise they are. Slava Ukrainia!

  4. More like a training exercise. Mortars are a relatively close quarter weapon compared to artillery. Not many targets in an open field???? The Sun. What do you expect. Plenty of actual fighting going on so why label it as such. Armchair journalism

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