• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Divine Justice has come true: Unbelievable fiasco in Russian Army in Soledar! Dramatic Moment! #ukraine #russia #war #news …


28 thoughts on “Divine Justice has come true: Unbelievable fiasco in Russian Army in Soledar! Dramatic Moment!”
  1. May the Miraculous Virgin of Vladimir icon intercede with the Almighty for a just peace for Ukraine, including the return of Crimea and the return of all Ukrainian children that have been kidnapped by Russians. May Putin and his entourage be tried for war crimes.

  2. I appreciate your reporting, however extensive use of file footage (sometimes not even taken in Ukraine) lessens the validity of your reporting… Just for what it is worth…

  3. Pray for the protection, safety and victory of Ukrainian armies against v putin the invader. V putin has caused more problems to the Ukrainians, russians and the whole world. V putin should be brought to the international court of law to face the war crimes that he has committed.

  4. Aaand the russians are in the right here….. Ukraine promised to remain/stay NEUTRAL in 1991. To ask to be a member of NATO IS NOT to be/stay/remain neutral. No. Not at all. And according to The Budapest Memorandum – Russia has EVERY right to defend its borders in self-defence. Not to mention the fact that Ukraine has been a "sovereign" state for 30 years now. And the place has been – eh, well, Russian for more than (ahem!) a 1000 years. In fact – it's where Mother Russia has its roots. Holy Russia started in 988 in Kiev, Ukraine. It's "staraja rus" – Old Russia. It's the very base of russian identity. Zelensky is a con man and a thief. He and his friends have stolen massive amounts of public funds. The war is more or less a smokescreen for this. He knew how Putin would react. There's no "invasion". Provocation? Yeah. You could say that…. And The West has to pay for EVERYTHING. And Zelensky has given 45 million people refugee status. That's exactly what they want…. To get out of there. Like we need them… To believe the narrative that Putin is "the bad guy" and that we should feel sorry for the "brave ukrainians" is beyond stupid.

  5. Surrendering is the best option for ukraine to avoid more destruction…. Let US go to war againts russia…. Stop being a puppet… Have mercy( zelensky) on your people….

  6. If it was like us and it an alias war who don't care about humans you're showing your right side of history you bombed Japan they are on our side shame on them you spoiled Iraq Libya Afghanistan what you want to prove Ukraine is using human shield if Russia don't think of humans like war would be over a month year ago .Us Can print as much dollars as they want is this justified chutiya ?? Don't preach say the truth if your humans

  7. Here is a tip for your channel. If you could be bothered getting the basics right, like your grammar and your hashtags, more people are likely to believe you got your content right. I enjoyed your content regardless – I enjoy comedy.

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