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The story of the Ukraine-Russia crisis does not begin in 2021, or 2014, It begins in the 9th century. There was a time when the two …


40 thoughts on “Gravitas Plus | Explained: The Russia-Ukraine crisis”
  1. I disagree, Russia don't ask for imperalism but only wants to protect himself against NATO controled by America, a country that wants the end of Russia since the second world war, cold war until today

  2. If there's ONE thing I've kearned from My "SERVICE", is that WAR,…
    WAR never changes.
    (Stolen from FALL OUT 4, by a Disabled NBC SOLDIER….)
    TRUTH never gets too far away from FANTASY.
    "WE" made "THIS PLACE"….
    now We just have to SURVIVE it

  3. India, like Russia and China is not ethnically homogenous and it will be further partitioned as nationalist sentiments grow in a deglobalised world.

  4. If Gravitas didn't mention direct military intervention from Moscow in the Eastern part of Ukraine from the very beginning.
    Also forgot to mention the Russian Federation was the guarantor of Ukraine territorial integrity before 2014. Ending of report was correct about genocide by Soviets.

  5. I admire your journalistic acumen, I heard what you explained in this post today after you posted it 1 year ago, but it left me unsatisfied. We all heard about corruption in Ukraine, how Zelensky was named in the Panama Papers as one of the most corrupted figure. BTW, after meeting Macron in Palais Élysée to beg for 1 billion euros and was given Mme Zelensky went on a shopping spree and splashed 40,000 euros in fashion houses before flying home with the 1b euros, knowing Ukrainian are dying and have no food?. When Russia returned the Donbas and Crimea to Ukraine, the population in majority are Russians or Russian origins. Atrocities are said to be committed against these Russians, especially in the Donbas region because Crimea was annexed by Russia. This is my first question and for my 2nd question is about Russian war action. Why did Putin launched his army only in the Crimea and Donbas regions and did not push further down to Central Ukraine or further South nor East and West?. Is Putin truly wanting to conquer the whole of Ukraine or just these 2 specific regions (isn't it obvious he is trying to protect Russian origin people there, isn't it?.. The eastern region of Russia is now surrounded by NATO military bases, fully armed to fight a war with the most modern war equipments(with nuclear weapons too) . In the Minsk treaty, EU signed that there will be no more NATO bases and EU (Germany and France) betrayed the Minsk Treaty with Russia. Now it seems many are wiping their tears about Ukraine but are not asking why Russia sparked this war?. Have any sat back and ask, is Zelensky telling the truth, is the money given to Ukraine are not stolen by corrupted Ukrainian leaders, Zelensky 1st among them?. Long before the war Ukraine was known as the most corrupted country in the whole world and now Ukraine and Zelensky seemed to be promoted as Switzerland bis and Zelensky a saint?. And Biden, this man is unfit to be the US President, he is senile and sparking WWIII with his narrative and action. Is he right to do so?. After WWII it took decades for Europe to heal its wounds and move forward, but it was a conventional war (Russia was part of the coalition that defeated the Nazi). Is Biden truly believing that he can walk over Putin's dead body without any damages?. And if so, why don't he bring the war to the USA with Russia instead of fighting it on European soil?. Have the USA assume responsibility for the nuclear bombs they dropped on Japan?. Have the USA ever felt any guilt when they released the 1st biological weapon in Vietnam?. Has Bush been punished for lying that Saddam had nuclear weapons and destroyed Iraq?. Has Obama admitted his lies about Qaddafi and destroyed Libya with France?. Now Biden wants to take on Russia?. Isn't Russia too big a chunk for him to bite on with his dentures?. Finally, why are some nations selling US Treasury debts?. Why are some nations forming BRIC (India included)?. Why is Africa chasing France out of Africa?. Isn't narratives of the US getting stale?. Isn't it time that the USA treat other nation with respect and co-operate like partners instead of bullying and imposing their vision of what this world should be?. CAN THE USA EVER LEARN THE WORD RESPECT AND ADMIT THEY ARE NOT GOD?. Bidden should worry about paying back the 31 trillion debts instead of having nightmares about Putin or Xi. Is Biden so ignorant or forgot what Isaac Newton said about gravity – whatever goes up must come down?

  6. Pure ignorance, Putin never wanted Ukraine, it was Ukraine killing Russians that resided their, that compelled Russia to protect them, how can she be so ignorant?

  7. Mom you are wrong about history Ukraine ! EKI EVE or kiev capital city of Ukraine !!
    Eki Eve used to be name of this city It means in Turkish two houses !
    What is going on Ukraine ! it ,s war between east and west are fighting ! When Gorbachel and Reagan mate they have singned the contract westerns must have their hands off from Russian block . Are western behaving themselves ?????
    of course not ! This war is going to go on for some time !

  8. Putin doesn't want Ukraine but he is not excepting NATO or UK supporting a fascist battalion army whom were attacking the Donbass area killing civilians. America and the west put zelensky into power.

  9. Here is my explaination: You Americans all know about the American civil war right? Imagine the Confederates weren't defeated, didn't either and that the civil war never ended. The result is exactly the situatipn in Russia now. Like Americaa who reconquered the Confederate lands to take back all former US soil? Its the same with the Russia/Ukraine war. Or at least that's how the Americans thinks, because that's what they'd do.

  10. American here, in my opinion the American government needs to keep to there selves and spend the billions of dollars on our own country, and leave Ukrainian and Russian business alone.

  11. 7:24 I'm sorry, but Ukraine has never been the colony of Russia, because Ukrainian snever in the history were separate nation. Ukrainian were west Russias. It's absolutely not as between Britain and India. It's like Bavaria and Germany. Bavarian are Germans, but they have local dialect, local culture, and nobody in the world says that Bavaria is a separate nation. We had the same. We ere one nation with the one history and language. Our languages just had local differences, as in Germany there are many dialects.

  12. Сука, жопа горит, откуда нахер вы берёте эти цифры?! Какие епта 30% говорят по русски как на родном?(почти все, на мойве почти никто толком не разумиет) И даже если это так, почему каждый шестой русский, а не те же 30%?!

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