• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Russia pounds Bakhmut supply lines; Destroys Ukraine's Howitzers in Kherson, foils Kupyansk attack

British intelligence suggests that Russian Army’s constant bombarding in Bakhmut and Avdiivka has brought Ukrainian supply …


24 thoughts on “Russia pounds Bakhmut supply lines; Destroys Ukraine's Howitzers in Kherson, foils Kupyansk attack”

  2. So you dickhead Indians want to lie to us? Because you are getting cheap oil from Russia?
    Thousands have died because of the maniac PUtin, and you lot support him.

  3. Das war schon im zweiten Weltkrieg so. Die Russen haben zwei Jahre gebraucht bis die Kriegsmaschine lief. Ab dann wurde alles plattgewalzt was im Weg stand. Die idiotischen Politiker in Europa den USA hörig glauben die Ukraine, ein unterentwickeltes und korruptes Land, könnte aus diesem Konflikt als Sieger hervorgehen. Sie setzen den Wohlstand der Bevölkerung mit dieser Fehleinschätzung aufs Spiel.

  4. Cut off all food to the Avdiivka Coke plant. Encircle it and starve them out. The Ukrainians can hide a few tanks in the grounds until they are destroyed, Terrain is such that there is no way to sneak anything in. Siege warfare.

  5. E-mail to my MP who is paid large sums by Saudi Arabia and Bahrain nd visits regularly on all expenses paid trips

    John Bolton's Prominence In The Media Proves Our Entire Society Is Diseased

    Bolton sets himself apart from his fellow Iraq war architects by arguing that the actual invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein "was close to flawless," and that the only thing the US did wrong was

    failed to kill more people and topple the
    government of Iran.**

    Bolton claims that the notoriously cruel sanctions that were inflicted upon Iraq between 1991 and 2003 were too lenient, saying there should have been "crushing sanctions" that were "enforced cold-bloodedly".
    Browns University estimate these sanctions led to the death of 250,000 innocent little children .
    Commenting on that Madeline Albright said :- THIS WAS A PRICE WORTH PAYING .

    It takes a special kind of hubris and a serious shortage of respect for the lives of other human beings to sit here, in the year 2023, and argue that the real problem with America's post-9/11 wars is that they didn't go far enough.

    And here we are cheering the ICC when they issue arrests warrants against Mr Putin .
    Where's is our humanity :where our morality where is our right to lecture other countries when our TV and MSM gives these people a platform for their disgusting comments.

    Some of the architects have at last acknowledged that Iraq was a mistake but none have changed because all support the many sequels ,Syria ,Afghanistan ,Libya and crucially Ukraine arguing only that we did not go far enough in these as Bolton argues with regard to Iraq and their voices rise to a crescendo when discussing the grand finale


    As does our own political establishment including you Leo.

    ** Above Iran .
    Iran has the government that they do not want because we and the US removed the elected government that they had divided the oil revenue between us , paid the Shah a yearly cash sum . The XCIS trained and installed the Savak secret police and the US completed an arc of missiles from Turkey to Iran in Northern Iran that led to the Cuban crisis when Kennedy refused to remove this missiles .


  6. America's architects of the Iraq war are now saying it was a mistake.
    Stop calling the Iraq War a "mistake". When you make a mistake, you make changes to ensure that mistake is not repeated. Nobody responsible for that invasion suffered any consequences of any kind, zero policy changes were made, and the efforts to impose American rules on the world continues and were what led to it are more entrenched than ever.

    If the invasion of Iraq was a "mistake", western government officials would be residing in prison cells at The Hague, countless pundits and journalists would now be working behind cash registers in retail shops, and US foreign policy would have undergone a massive, dramatic overhaul. Instead the exact opposite has happened — the western officials who launched the Iraq War are esteemed members of elite society, the pundits and journalists who manufactured consent for it are at the top of their field, and now cheer-leaders for the Ukraine conflict and attempting to manufacture consent for war with China

    It's absurd to charge Putin with war crimes without charging George W Bush, it's a completely devastating argument against the claim being made. If the law doesn't apply to everyone, then it's not the law, it's just corruption. It's a tool of the powerful.

    When are the ICC going to indite Bush, Boot Wolfa Cohen,John Bolton Tony Blair and a whole host of other Americans and European leader for the war-on-terror that cost 6 million lives displaced near 40 million people and in Iraq alone illegal sanctions cost the lives of 250,000 innocent little children and policy Madeleine Albright described as "A PRICE WORTH PAYING or even Biden without whom the illegal Iraq war would never have been prosecuted . He is now on a quest to start a new war while engaged in a failed war in Ukraine that the US initiated . After just a few short years from leaving at "dead of night" with their tails between their knees in Afghanistan fleeing a "rag tag" militia of bearded men riding bicycles and while still engaged in the carnage of the proxy war in the Ukraine which is being turned into another US bomb-site Biden is setting up Australia and Australian for another proxy war with China . The Aukus Australian Submarine deal in Australia is not Australia arming itself against China to protect itself from China. Australia is arming itself against China to protect itself from the United States. This is rather similar to where we are with the Ukraine conflict and Nato. NATO in truth should be renamed ASFP: the Alliance for Self Fulfilling ­ ­ PROPHESY ­ NATO Exists to Solve Problems Created By Nato. NATO's existence really does seem to be premised on the circular reasoning that without NATO there'd be nobody to protect the world from the consequences of NATO's actions. It goes out of its way to threaten powerful nations and then justifies its existence by their responses to those threats. It's a self-licking ice cream cone. "Australia has a choice here says John Meirsheimer a noted political analyst : You can go with China rather the United States.If you go with China, you want to understand you are our enemy. You are then deciding to become an enemy of the United States. You’re either with us or against us,” he continued. “And if you’re trading extensively with China, and you’re friendly with China, you’re undermining the United States in this security competition. You’re feeding the beast, from our perspective. And that is not going to make us happy. And when we are not happy you do not want to underestimate how nasty we can be." ­ "Just ask Fidel Castro.”

    More on the ICC . They indite Putin and Biden congratulates them while at the same time Biden prevents The US defence department from sharing evidence:-
    "The Pentagon is blocking the U.S. from sharing evidence on Russian atrocities in Ukraine with the International Criminal Court, officials said. Military leaders fear setting a precedent that might pave the way for it to prosecute Americans"
    When the US has staged war for more than 30 years killing 6 million people and displacing another 37 million and in illegal sanctioned killed many more ; 250,000 little children in Iraq for instance how can one have respect for the ICC when it only ever targets those people who are not allies of the US . The US is not a member of the ICC for good reason because the far greatest number of people who should be in prison from war crimes are Americans but that does not mean that behind the scenes they have a lot of control over what the ICC do. They are a part of the American machine that promotes American interests . Its clever and ensures that war criminals are always the enemies of the US never Americans or their friends and allies . That is why the ICC can never really be taken seriously .If a law does nor apply to everyone is is not law . If it only applies to enemies than it is corruption.
    If you want to see this played out in full just read this from Blinken the present US Secretary of State.
    "the United States had tried with little success to persuade or compel China to abide by American rules"
    It's you obey our rules . We make the rules and you obey them . The fact that these rules do not apply to us is not your concern


    We are told by Western MSM on a regular basis that Russia is losing men at the rate of more than a 1,000 per day ,that they are retreating in the face of a victorious Ukraine army . The truth is more stark. For Ukraine Bahkhut and most of the other areas more resembles the Somme with Zelensky pouring in untrained ill-equipped young men whose life expectancy on the front is weeks . Ukraine losses so far exceed 150,000 are and near 200,000 with 300,000 wounded most so severely so that they will never return to the font .Russia holds the 23% of the Ukraine that it needs for its security .Not only is this 23% historically Russian it accounts for 90% of former Ukraine GDP . When this unnecessary, predicable and totally avoidable conflict is over Ukraine will be a bomb site unable to service the huge debts that it had before this conflict let alone the cost of this disastrous war . Blackrock to whom Zelensky has sold Ukraine will have no assets to sell to recover its money . Remember like most of the corrupt people that have become a part of Ukraine since the US coup of 2014 are asset strippers .They are in this war FOR THE MONEY . The big arms manufacturers who finance Zelensky's gig when he visited America will get their money but Ukraine will return to the small sovereign state will little assets that it was 100 years ago in 1922 . BUT THERE WILL BE FEWER OF THEM . Those not dead on the battlefield will have fled to other countries . THAT WILL BE ZELENSKY"S LEGACY .


  9. A $200+ billion NAT0 trained & funded army is losing catastrophically to PMC groups & local militias. No wonder the US evacuated thousands of its troops from Ukr when RusFed launched the operation.
    Current Nat0 armies were formed to fight counter insurgencies in asymmetric warfare against weak opponents. Wait until they are on the receiving end of 20-60k shells a day. No amount of training will prepare you for that live fire pressure.
    Like Mike Tyson said, "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."

  10. I am not impressed by any "western wins" I want to see the world wake up to itself .. we are all "countries" of one sort or another .. IF my country does not like that country ..then we do not deal with them.. we do not have to wipe them off the face of the earth (like amerikan ideology). in the end …if in the end a lot of countries do not deal with you nthen you know "you are the problem…just like amerika is finding out now ..LOVE and RESPECT are all the tools we need to avoid 99% of any world problem.. If a country is in trouble we should all be there to help them ….NOT BOMB them.. if we all used our "internal mechanisms" to help our brothers nation with advice and (medical rather than missiles…advice rather than war.. help rather than elimination) I am sure we will defeat the current plans amerika has for this world

  11. Okay I watch almost every video on Russia and or Ukraine from Hindustan News. And they are using the same footage of the same vehicles being blown up by a drone.
    Also this channel never reports on the Actions of the Ukrainian, or NATO troops when attacking or holding off Russian troops or equipment.
    This is a bloody and unnecessary war. But it is not one sided. Russia's Son's are dying. more are permanently injured. Why will you not report on this? Why must we go to a Pro Ukraine channel, where all they do is report on Russian deaths, loses, and defeats.
    Where are the journalists?

  12. Just noticed that, When the Russ. reported Ukr. killed, usually less than ten. BUT, When the St-p-d Hero reported Russian KILLED It will be MORE than THOUSANDS (OH YES, It help in ASKING BEGGING foor MORE Money) Just an Opinion Only. Ty.

  13. I am thinking of buying a Russian shovel…….I won't need to carry a 44 magnum when hunting in bear country anymore!!!!!

  14. So Ukraine had long term weapons bases near the border why if not to invade one day .Russia is only defending itself don’t be fooled .now they can’t lie about Russian forces loosing we can see there actually winning but America needs the money from arms sales & Zelenskyy needs America to keep his dictatorship,remember he jailed all leading opposition politicians for no reason .

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