• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ukrainian Artillery Hunts & Exterminates Russian Tanks! How This War is Changing Artillery!

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35 thoughts on “Ukrainian Artillery Hunts & Exterminates Russian Tanks! How This War is Changing Artillery!”
  1. looks like really bunch of games it's so much fake media out there don't believe anything when is so much media up there saying Ukrainian Army attacking and killing their own people that's how sick they are that's so much cover up so much evil

  2. Doesn't change the fact Ukraine is losing bigly. Btw, what made you join the armed forces of the number one terrorist country in the world?

  3. The way you say ''Thanks to the power of technology'' makes me think I'm not so sure we should be thankful to be in an era where the means to obliterate and destroy are optimal. 😛

  4. Another game changer,
    Taiwan sent 860 military combat drones with up to eight 60-millimeter mortar rounds. Airborne for 20 to 40 minutes.
    Oh ya baby. I think Poland bought them and then gave them to Ukraine but I'm not sure.

  5. This is a needless war that was deliberately caused by the US meddling in regions of the world, it has no business being in. Innocent Russians and Ukrainians are dying as a result of American neoliberal, geopolitical ambitions. America wants this war. It was planned, gamed out, strategies devised and policies implemented, that made the Russian invasion an inevitability. Putin is not so much the aggressor, as the patsy, that fell into a trap laid by the Americans.

  6. Try to react to these videos:

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  7. My 5th grade teacher (in 1969) served in WWII and was a forward observer for an artillery unit. He regalled us with stories about his exploits. Thought of him as I watched and listend to this video.

  8. dude i love this stuff but please condense it…….you talk way too much on the obvious keep it simple could nock off 40% by doing so GO UKRAIN……..Donald Trump just can't stop praising Vladimir Putin………why do you reblikans and fox love the commander kaos……..you must be commies too

  9. Again wunderfaffen post while Urks ate loosing setlments every day…. have to give the Poor Urks some hope so they will be willing to die for their US Master until the last Urk. Good job my boy… good job…

  10. Russia and their allies are shelling daily along the 1500 km Ukrainian front around 60,000 to 70,000 rounds at key strategic locations. Strategic locations are where advancements allow the Russians and their allies to cut roads, bridges, and rail to stop supplies being shipped to major buildups of the Ukrainian army. Key stratigic locations are where captured roads and rail will allow the Russians to improve their own logistics. Also, higher altitude locations and fortified positions are of significance for military advantage.

    When the Ukrainian defenses look weak along the very long front (zero line) due to massive Russian shelling, the Russians probe. If the probes prove to be successful, the Russian troops and their allies pour in and start taking over. This process is being repeated along the entire 1500 km front where weakness is found. The object is no so much to take territory as it is to decimate the Ukrainian army and to take strategic positions.

    When Ukraine starts to move troops to strenghten where they are weak along the front, the Russians begin air operations to take out the moving troops. The more Ukraine moves its troop around, the more likely they get noticed and then missiled and bombed. Russia is taking out the Ukrainian troops on the zero line as well as anywhere they notice larger troop movements within Ukraine. Russia has the missiles and bombs to do so in abundance. The Ukrainian daily losses or horrific.

    Every day the Russians and their allies continue to grind down the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine). The grinding has ramped up significantly before colder weather comes. The colder weather means that the non-paved roads and fields turn to mud after rains since they don't quickly dry out.

    The grind is taking out so many Ukrainian troops, the Ukrainian options are fading with each day's losses.

  11. When global warming kicks in proper in the next 20 years, all the technology in the world seen in action there will be useless against nature. We should be using that technology to safeguard our children’s right to a life.

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