• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian tank storms foggy battlefield and guns down Russian troops in trenches. In this dramatic footage released by …


18 thoughts on “Ukrainian tank storms foggy battlefield and guns down Russian troops in trenches”
  1. You can smoke more with your CCCP-tanks, there is a "button" that ejects fuel in the heating component and creat thick smoke 😀 I know that you know that, because we are colleagues. You will drive Leopar 2 soon too. It is THE BEAST 🙂

  2. L'Ukraine sera un pays détruit et empoisonné lorsque l'Occident des "valeurs" l'aura brûlée jusqu'au dernier Ukrainien.
    Plus personne ne voudra acheter de produits agricoles ukrainiens !

  3. The only thing this video doesn't pick up is how loud tanks really are. There's no way those Russians didn't hear it coming. They knew what was coming. Very frightening indeed. Thank God the wars I been in the enemy didn't have tanks.

  4. Where are the infanty? Why is a single tank advancing on its own? There is a drone to spot but this is why this war has dragged on so long. At least a small squad should be with this tank. It is begging for a side shot from assumed, cleared positions.

  5. Reading all of these elated comments about glory to Ukraine while watching a video showing sons, husbands, and fathers being wiped out, never to return because of corrupt Ukrainian and Russian politicians. You know nothing of war. You think this is a game. This is why we have perpetual war. That and the need for war to continue to fuel the military industry.

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