• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The Caesar truck-mounted artillery system is a self-propelled gun designed and developed by Versailles-based Nexter Systems …


20 thoughts on “What Makes Caesar self propelled howitzer Truly Special ?”
  1. the caesar can : when it stop, shoot in less than 60 seconds, shoot 6 rounds in 60 seconds, can drive away 30s later to another location before the first shell hit target, so in 2min30 it can stop shoot 6times and drive away

  2. One of the dumbest things the French made was sending so called advanced weapons to the Nazis in Ukraine, literally the best advertisement for Russian made artillery upon breaking down for lack of maintenance after a few rounds.

  3. Generally considered to be an excellent gun for many reasons (e.g. accuracy and mobility, rapid deployment and "shoot & scoot" capabilities). However, the Caesar does seem to be experiencing some significant problems (barrel-blooming, other maintenance issues) under the very high-intensity combat conditions characteristic of the Ukraine War. Napoléon und die Grand Armée lassen grüßen…

  4. Russian technicians would like to express their thanks, several Caesars were captured by Russ forces and are being reverse engineered, like the substantial inventories of javelins, stingers and other goodies

  5. You must be joking… there are many many better arties in the world. What is this, they just slapped arty on truck and thats something special??? Nonsense. Plus, its loaded manualy.

  6. Why is the velocity radar so important?
    I would understand the importance of a radar that can track the trajectory, but what good is the speed alone?

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