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Why have Ukrainian ATGMs destroyed so many Russian tanks?


Apr 7, 2023

Anti-Tank Guided Missiles or ATGMs have become a defining symbol of the Ukrainian fight against Russian invasion. They have …


35 thoughts on “Why have Ukrainian ATGMs destroyed so many Russian tanks?”
  1. They all 3 have their positives and negatives and all are made for different ranges of targets, a soldier can never have enough (tools in the tool box), when you limit what soldiers have available and then you limit their effectiveness so its important for Ukraine to have all three for their troops. Probably the biggest negative to the Stugna-P is that you need more people (3-4) including a person to keep the target lazed (Laser) the target or if the target is moving you need a person to steer the missile using a monitor and a person on a camera tracking the target which takes more people. Both the NLAWS and Javelines are fairly easily done by one person. NLAWS negative is that it is short range missile which actually makes it better for use in a town or city (urban areas) while the Javelin does better out in the country and has a longer range missile and can be mounted and fired from vehicles.

  2. Javelins represent the perfect weapon for a US proxy war against Russia.

    Cost of a Javelin missile system – $200,000 with replacement missiles at $80,000
    Cost of a Russian tanks – $1,000,000 to $4,000,000

    Then there is the cost in Russian soldiers lost compared to US soldiers, a ration approaching infinity.

    The same can be said for European military aid.

    The prospect of depleting the Russian military machine and fostering Russian financial, as well as social, instability, leading to subsequent political instability, is a winning scenario for the West, a multilateral proxy war with heroic PR aimed at making Putin an impotent military leader.

  3. Funny, it was the Russians Sagger missle or anti tank that caused a lot of damage to the Israeli tanks during the 1973 Yom Kippur war and now the tables have turned..

  4. Has it not been stated now, with all the issues Russia is having that they cannot put into the field the armor that they have bragged about for the past 30+ years. Someone using Of Russia's nearly 13,000 active combat tanks, only a fraction are main battle tanks. A 2021 Russian source estimated that their operational main battle fleet was closer to 2,600 tanks, made up of T-72s, T-80s, and T-90s, with another 400 T-72 variants used as range tanks.Jan 17, 2023. So, if that is the case, then how many can be started up TODAY and driven and do they have enough FUEL and AMMO to put these tanks into the field?

  5. Having watched this war since 2014 when it started, it is obvious that warfare is not like it was. A tank is just a big target when ATGMs abound, and I think you will find the Russians have killed as big a percentage of their tank kills, with ATGMs as have the Ukrainians. The Kornets are very good and just trashed the Israelis in Lebanon, in 2006.

  6. Correction: When the explosives HEAT rounds detonates, they do not turn the metal lining into liquid metal but rather , receives so much pressure the metal lining is forced to compress into a pressurized metal jet and it cuts through armor (doesn't melt them).

  7. Germans are responsible for so much. There innovation during WW2 was adopted by all major powers. Just to bad they ran out of natural resource's towards the end.

  8. Why Ukrainians lost 6-7 times more tanks and armored vehicles then? Why they lost 500k soldiers dead and wounded? Stugna killed them? lol

  9. Already as the war started I wondered what the hell the Russian tactic was?
    Without any air support tanks just drove right in. Lorries and fuel trucks driving on a plain road without any air protection and whatnot. I mean, they were like sitting ducks on the pond ready to be blasted.
    Russia used WWII tactics and thought it could overwhelm Ukraine with sheer numbers of tanks. Even the dumbest commander should know it's not how it works.

  10. Zelensky, Ukrainians, Pols, Finns, and Baltic rats pushing US for a all out war with Russia.

    US Continually Keep putting RED Lipstick on dead Ukrainian rat is not an option for long .!

    True American – described. US CIA in the 80s created this myth of US military hardware and technology has superiority over USSR-Russia. Its still practiced in the western media.

    Russia Military hardware is as good or even better than anything US or west had or has. Russia technology in many areas has superiority than US or West. British are jus a paper tiger -self promoting – nothing more.

    Europe is moving to its death bed ! only thing holding it together is NATO political alliance…

    There will have to be a European political settlement with Russia with out US and UK. ? Is their enough self control in European leadership or US influences or UK spoilers will disrupt European path to meaningful co-existence with Russia ?

    Time is not on European politicians side as multi-polar world unsettle political systems in the coming decades.?

  11. Russia has not treat war in Ukraine seriosly as they should . until winter of 2022 .
    I do not believe that Russia realy cared about 5000 armored vehicles and 100.000 men dead or wonded .
    Russia has 20.000 armored vehicles and 1 million solders to waste in Ukraine …. it is called cleanig storages and troops training .
    why melt a t60 or a t70 when you can send them in Ukraine . why melt 1.000.000 old missle when you can send them in Ukraine .

  12. You would think the Russians would have known all of this before they invaded In the 20 years before this they could have infiltrated NATO and the Ukrainian army and learned how they were armed and trained but it seems they didn't do any of this. Nativity seems to be a narional characteristic

  13. Interesting. Wonder why there's such a push at the moment for new supplies of tanks for the Ukraine? What happened to the 1000+ they started with? And the hundreds donated so far? To bad they're allowing whomever is in charge of the US at the moment to use them up as Cannon Fodder. So sad & stupid.

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