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Artillery remains the king of battle in Ukraine as both sides rely on long range fire to inflict casualties. The M777 155mm howitzer …


25 thoughts on “Why Ukraine Desperately Wants US’ M109 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer Against Putin’s Russian Army”
  1. the Polish Krab is better. the krab fire rate is 6 rpm and maximum firing range is 30 40km Krab is MTU engine with 1000 hp. Paladin Maximum range is 24-30 km max rpm 4, hp 600

  2. That's one of the reasons why the Russians are winning this war because they have a lot more of these self-propelled howitzers which are very useful for infantry support. The Ukrainians are scraping together every Self Propelled howitzer they can get their hands on! Unlike the outdated towed howitzers self-propelled howitzers are fast and highly maneuverable. So self-propelled howitzers are most important artillery type to support frontline infantry. Because of the possible shoot and scoot tactics which is possible with Self Propelled howitzer and which is impossible with obsolete towed howitzer. So the Self Propelled howitzer also correctly called the king of battle.The very effective shoot and scoot tactic is the rapid change of position in order to prevent the destruction of the howitzer by return fire. Because the shooting of course automatically reveal the position of the Howitzer. This is why self-propelled howitzers are such a great asset in supporting infantry when advancing as well as backing of retreats. Of course, the most crucial disadvantage is that towed howitzers cannot use the shoot and scoot tactics. But there are other factors why towed howitzers are obsolete compared to self-propelled howitzers. So it is a fact that most self-propelled howitzers have a crew of 4-5 soldiers. Most towed howitzers have a crew of 8, some even have a crew of 9. Another key advantage of self-propelled howitzers is that they are relatively well armored. So they are exactly the opposite of unarmored towed howitzers which can be destroyed by machine gun, hand grenade and assault rifle attacks by killing the crew. Even artillery does not have to hit the towed howitzer directly to destroy it. The shrapnels from artillery projectiles that hits in some distance away is also enough to kill the crew. None of this can endanger a armored self-propelled howitzers. In the event of artillery fire, only direct hits are dangerous for a self-propelled howitzer. But this direct hits are minimized by the shoot and scoot tactic. The self-propelled armored howitzers are also turreted, allowing quick change of firing direction by rotating the turret. The turreted self-propelled and armored howitzers also have better off-road capabilities compared to the trucks that haul the towed howitzers. In addition, the towed howitzer's wheels further reduce off-road capabilities! There are two variants of self-propelled howitzers. The tracked and the wheeled howitzers! The tracked howitzers obviously have excellent off-road capabilities. But the wheeled howitzers with their very large, wide wheels are also clearly superior off-road to the trucks that tow the howitzers off-road. With one exception the French CAESAR truck howitzer. So a howitzer mounted on a truck. The disadvantage is that the truck can only be used to a limited extent off-road and that there is only weak armor. But the French only delivered a few of them, which is why this French howitzer is irrelevant for comparison. Despite the many disadvantages of towed howitzers compared to self-propelled armored howitzers, towed howitzers have few advantages. The towed howitzers are of course much cheaper! For parachutists, the towed howitzers makes sense. Because self-propelled howitzers cannot be jettisoned from aircraft, but towed howitzers can be jettisoned. But as far as I know, the Ukrainians don't want to carry out such parachute operations at all. Towed howitzers are easier to camouflage than self-propelled howitzers. But camouflaging is especially possible in woods and in terrain with lots of tall bushes! So not everywhere. And towed howitzers are well camouflaged until they fire. So really not a decisive advantage. So everyone is aware of the importance of mobility and off-road capability in modern warfare which is why everyone understands how much the turreted self-propelled and armored howitzers are superior to the obsolete towed howitzers. It doesn't matter if it are tracked or wheeled self-propelled and howitzers because both types are very superior towed howitzers.

    The question then is why the US government does not supply these self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine and instead obsolete M777 towed howitzers where takes the change of position compared to a self-propelled howitzer lasts forever. However, other NATO countries have supplied these very useful self-propelled howitzers. Poland actually delivered with more than 100 the most self-propelled howitzer of 2 different types wich was one of this types 18 AHS Krab howitzer, one of the most modern and best howitzers in NATO. Poland also announced that Poland shortly would deliver more than 40 AHS Krab howitzers. Amazingly, Czechs, Solwaks, Norwegian, French and Poles were all able to supply these very in combat useful self-propelled howitzers. But the Americans don't supply such useful tracked self-propelled howitzers! Why not? Ukrainians should ask themselves why until recently the Americans were not willing to supply self-propelled howitzers and instead only supplied outdated M777 howitzers.

    The US military-industrial complex only delivered weapons to the Ukraine very cautiously, which is actually surprising, because the reason for this war are profits for the MIC. But if few weapons are supplied, then there are fewer profits. But that's all icy cold and calculating . The Americans could support Ukraine much more. But they don't because they want the war to last as long as possible. Because arms deliveries must be justified before the American people. One don't have to supply arms to a victorious Ukraine, but one have to supply a lot of weapons to a Ukraine that is on the verge of defeat. The Americans have not delivered as much because the Americans are interested in a longer war. Why? Quite simply so that the US military-industrial complex can really benefit from this war. Now that Ukraine is strong on the defensive the US has just decided also to supply Self Propelled howitzers, multiple rocket launchers, etc. to the Ukrians. So the really expensive weapons. In the future the Americans will deliver arms to Ukraine, and many, many, many arms more. Now the war will really pay off for the US military-industrial complex!

    In my next comment I will then explain American politics influenced by the US military-industrial complex and why there is this war at all.

  3. Norway confirms now that they have sent 22 M109 Paladins to Ukraine and that they are already in use since they where sent over a month ago. I think Norway will send more as Norway have already a more modern artillery from Korea named K9.

  4. An upgraded variant of the M109 self-propelled howitzer has already arrived in Ukraine.

    Ukraine's Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said this on Facebook, according to Ukrinform.

    "I am glad to announce the news – our 155 mm artillery fleet is being replenished. Ukraine has already received an upgraded variant of the M109 howitzers. It is high-quality equipment. And its receipt was the result of cooperation between several countries," Reznikov wrote.

    The minister recalled that Ukrainian defenders are already using three types of 155 mm artillery on the front line – M777s, FH70s, and CAESARs.

    Note sure wich upgraded version they mean and whether stats given in this video are correct. Its firing range and storage depends on kind of munition, what kind of upgrades etc. Still, it looks like a huge addition to ukrainian firepower.

    Also, crew training is underway for the promised delivery of 12 Dutch-German Pzh 2000 proppeled howitzers . I expect they become operational mid june.

  5. What a load of garbage, the M109 CANNOT fire at 8 rounds per minute. It fires at 2 rounds per minute and it can only handle 39 rounds NOT 40 or 93. It is the worse piece of trash inflicted on the US Army in many decades. For God’s sake give away as many as the Ukrainians will do as us the favor and take.

  6. Panzerhaubitze 2000 is slightly better imo. But for them the bottleneck will be ammunition (and fuel supply 😀 ). That won't be the problem as fast for the M109 I hope.

  7. Just give them 100 or so. We made them to fight Communists, let them get used to fight Communists. It's not like we can do anything else with them, like plant corn or wheat.

  8. As Putins back is put against the wall, internally by outside forces of the West, he will claim exactly that level of duress forces him to use his tactical missles maybe it's us next

  9. I don't have military experience, but according to me, Putin understands one language, the military language, he needs to be beaten outrightly, do everything possible. They say "Give a mouse a cookie and it will ask for a glass of milk" if Putin wins in Ukraine, the whole world will be at the brink of war, cause he will be unstoppable. I have nothing to offer Ukrainians apart from prayers, but pliz do all you can for them because they have the fight in them, they are brave warriors. Slavs Ukraina, much love from Uganda

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