• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

MOMENT brave Ukrainian soldier fires rifle at Russian targets from trenches in first-person footage. This footage was released by …


32 thoughts on “Brave Ukrainian soldier fires rifle at Russian targets from trenches in first-person footage”
  1. Ukraine is a nation of heroes and this is why Ukraine will win and always be free. Truly unbreakable Ukrainians. Russians show their true colors as genocidal terrorists, war criminals, child rapists and baby killers. In contrast, Ukrainians continue to show they are most courageous, indomitable and resilient people on the planet! The West must arm Ukraine faster — this is the most humane and least escalatory. option because it enables the brave defenders to win quickly, avoid more bloodshed and prevents a bigger conflict. This is the best investment for the future of world order and national security of every free nation. Stay strong and safe, brave heroes of the free world. Slava Ukraini. Slava Azov Brigade. Heroyam Slava

  2. ima keep it a buck fifty, I would not handle this well. I would still fight but I would be the dude from COD W@W in the first scene that says "The coral, were stuck on the…" and then gets shot for peeking out too long.

  3. This is one of the dumbest wars to fight in. It should not be happening in the first place. But to see people go off and fight and die for something they don't have a part in is dumber. All these people playing war, just because two people can't get along. This is so childish

  4. Semoga perang ini segera berakhir, dan pesan saya untuk negara barat dan nato segeralah cari solusi perdamaian, ukraina dan russia adalah saudara

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