• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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15 thoughts on “How Ukrainian Artillery works in the war against russian troops | Bakhmut district”
  1. Thought of the day: What would Carl von Clausewitz say to the orcs and the kremlin on Jan 2023?

    He would most certainly send a letter via horse to the kremlin with the following notes:

    1) “There are cases in which the greatest daring is the greatest wisdom.” – Clausewitz

    2) Then a quick sms saying: "Haven't you read Sun Tzu buddy"???

    Quick news: The Bradleys, Marders and the French AMX-10RC are not going to be battle-decisive equipent. But, they will only further increase the UAF's Boyd Loop advantage over a static ruzzian army.

    Big Up to the UAF, and the Ukrainian people from Poland.

  2. Flashback rocks! One of my ancestors used to look after the horses used to transport the guns in WW1. After the war he once remarked that the sound of the horses screaming when they came under fire used to haunt him (you probably know that countless horses were rounded up from farms, they weren't previously military stock).

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