• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

International Criminal Court seeks Putin arrest for Ukraine war crimes


Apr 8, 2023

The International Criminal Court is calling for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin — accusing him of involvement in the …


24 thoughts on “International Criminal Court seeks Putin arrest for Ukraine war crimes”
  1. And Bush Jr. for the deaths of millions of Iraqis on a false accusation by the United States in the person of the hypocritical Collin Powell will any of them finally be attracted by the ICC?

  2. How many people in Iraq have been killed because of George W. Bush ? why so called international criminal court do not seek George W. Bush arrest for Iraq war crime ? Claiming liberate the Iraq people, the fact that liberate the oil field, steal and sell the oil to other country, and American Gov is doing the same thing in Syria !!!

  3. Lol but zelenskyy ignored that his soldiers were committed war crimes. Leave Ukrainians in a house or building starving use them has bait. While the Russians where freeing them they the Ukrainian soldiers blow up or raid these houses. Even an pre teen Ukrainian girl admitted what the Ukrainian soliders where doing outside city areas at suburbs and rural areas. She was stuck in her own school with other people by Ukrainian soliders to be used as bait. It was on a vice documentary on YouTube. But the democrats saying no no no delete that video and has been trying to push this putin war crimes propaganda.

    Speaking of war crimes doesn't Bush, Bush Jr, Obama were heavily involved in war crimes remember them leaked videos of war crimes done by the US against Middle Eastern people during these Middle East wars. Commanders telling soliders to shot or soliders giving codes and lies about the mission shooting innocent people. A soliders from here leaked all that and they put in prison for " spying" ,the loop hole democrats used to put him in prison. That man would be a better war crimes agent investigator than the ones in Russian Ukrainian war I bet. Lol

    What about us tanks running over dead bodies of men women and children in the middle east. Oh they knew what they were doing.

  4. Judging Putin is the same as judging the captain of a ship for giving inflatable vests and transferring children and women to lifeboats. Saving children is very dangerous.

  5. Arrested for war crimes, Putin's name

    Goes down in history, his crime of shame

    The world will be a better place

    Without the man who stained its face

  6. The truth is that a putler can't go to any civilized country anyway. Russians can't go on vacation freely. They have to combine trips through Turkey or Serbia. In general, the world outside of Central Europe knows little about what is going on in Russia. This is where the Russians who are fed up with their terrorist country flee. The rest stay because they don't have the money to run away, they're afraid, or they're just too stupid to understand what's going on. The last option is the most common. Russians have never been very smart.

  7. what joke… they watched the genocide of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the Uighur people of China, and so many more for 2 decade.. but let’s charge Putin, the man with more nukes then any other country … there are a joke

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