• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Putin’s men hunt down hidden Western arms in Luhansk | Watch Russians destroy grenade launchers


Apr 8, 2023

Intense fighting is underway between Russian and Ukrainian forces in the east. Donetsk and Luhansk are the two regions where …


21 thoughts on “Putin’s men hunt down hidden Western arms in Luhansk | Watch Russians destroy grenade launchers”
  1. Go Russia from U.S.A, we hate our current corrupt government and the fool in office. We know they have corruption ties to Ukraine through Hunter Biden. We don't support these criminals in power. Even the alphabet agencies are with them.

  2. Great job! Greeting from Poland. We have not the best relationships with Russia but wise Polish people know US/ISR are worst enemies of the whole world and zelensky is just their puppet. Corporations want to destroy Ukraine totally before they will take control over Ukrainian strategic economy. That's not a coincidence, a couple of years ago a few richest people from murica (Gill Bates and others) started big investments in food production. World is overpopulated and great hunger crisis is coming. It means much more power to few people who take control over one of the most important countries for global food production. I don't believe there is not a deal between Russia and USA about splitting UA. I think Russia has already promised Eastern UA and status quo for Crimea while they agreed US will take rest of Ukraine with puppet Ukrainian government.

  3. More bullshit from the bullshit Russian propaganda lies Channel. I'd put money on it that they didn't find those weapons, they were taken of Ukraine soldiers during a battle and then hid them and made a propaganda video. Those were clearly briefed on how to act.
    I'm real News Russia troops deliberately targeting innocent civilians.

  4. Needs to be a negotiation for peace before things get out of hand. Unfortunately USA puppet masters don't want peace. Julian Asange is locked so no one can tell you the truth

  5. Propaganda from bots that are pushing crap up hill with a rake.
    Russian soldiers are inferior, intellectually, developmentally and are not emotionally equipped for free thinking.

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