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Russian soldiers caught on camera killing Ukrainian civilians – BBC News


Apr 8, 2023 , ,

When Leonid Pliats and his boss were shot in the back by Russian soldiers, the killing was captured on CCTV cameras in clear …


40 thoughts on “Russian soldiers caught on camera killing Ukrainian civilians – BBC News”
  1. If I'm not mistaken we were not actually shown a video of Russian soldiers shooting at civilians. All I saw was Russian soldiers shooting but at what, honestly I can't say for sure because I literally can’t see who or what the soldiers are firing at. All I see captured on video is a civilian limping back to his office. Honestly, all we have is the BBC telling us that Russian soldiers shot a civilian. All I’m saying is show me actual evidence instead of hearsay. In a court of law, this case would get thrown out in a second based on lack of evidence. Anyone else agree? Maybe I’m wrong but I make decisions based upon clear evidence not hearsay

  2. The president of Ukrainian left thousands upon thousands of old people behind he didn’t get any one to bring them to a safe place. Millions of Ukrainians left the country when they didn’t need to leave their is plenty of room in Ukrainian but they left to go to the EU and won’t go home I believe 1/4 of a million went to Ireland and were told Ireland have no room left but they expected Ireland to house a quarter of a million people when the EU are sending undocumented illegals to Ireland 4 girls under 14 were murder and dicapidated in two months rape and murdered Irish are broken hearted because Germany Spain France are getting rid people they don’t want even sending Ireland people with no name or country this is illegal what is Ireland suppose to do with these people now our government are evicting Irish people from their homes to get to illegal immigrants every country needs to leave the EU we don’t know what the EU is saying to our government, Ukrainians are welcome at all times but people from India are saying they are Ukrainians everyone is a Ukrainian even Nigerians the EU should be ashamed of itself and we need to leave it.

  3. Isn’t it funny the bbc b like omg this is terrible, as the rest of the world is littered with the millions of corpses from British wars. Oh and he had a pet as well! How terrible! Nooooooo! Get a grip. We in the matrix homies it’s time to wake up

  4. People are naive. Like bruh he has no blood coming out while he’s easily walking. And when “Russians” came inside, a man broke the camera. And why wouldn’t they check the computers if there were cameras outside and delete it. You think they ALL actually that dumb? I don’t believe in that shi. Another fake-show from ukrainians to show people that Russians are this bad

  5. His death is on the USA door step you bunch of sheep clowns you idiot's they push down your throat's anything they want …if Ukrainian respected the agreement of not allowing NATO members to get close to Russia non of this would have happened…but you are so stupid its tyring hope Russia wins quickly with no more civilian deaths and stop the west from expanding because every evil comes from the west

  6. Guess what everyone. Russia is a colossal failure! The Russian people have been force fed propaganda for generations. Their shitty communist party was never good. For Christ’s sake they needed barbed wire, concrete walls and armed guards to keep their citizens from escaping. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now. No matter what the Rusbots say.

  7. A lot of fake films from the Ukrainian side… They even wanted to go with violence I n Odessa not long ago, wearing Russian uniforms. But… some people caught this preparing operation.
    Nazi regime killed people in Ukraine easily: before this war, now even further. I have a lot of comments from Ukrainian people. For example, nazis buried alive people of Kupyansk

  8. South Australia makes us get a prescription for nicotine vapes. When it was me being followed to the hospital emergency room to be shown Blue shoes which triggered it.

    So nah. Don't tell them off, tell the whole of SA off ya dogs.

  9. Poor man, but off topic that AK camo is sick as fuck. Shows that many of these kids probably liked playing videogames before the war where camos like that are shown. Poor kids they probably don’t wanna be there

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