• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

NATO is beginning its annual nuclear exercises just weeks after Russia’s president raised the spectre of using nuclear weapons …


20 thoughts on “Russia’s nuclear threat in Ukraine war explained | Al Jazeera Newsfeed”
  1. Putin doesnt value life like we do…hmmm really. Thats why the west uses milion ukrainians instead of westerners…mmmhh thats why west started wars in iraq vietnam afgh syria…hmm and thats why russia defends its people from slavery..or its time for west to use its own slaves….western egoists

  2. You missed the boat of how this war can be stopped
    Seeing the only thing Putin got right
    Was to say the ICC has no teeth
    But the simple answer to this fighting and to stop it is to do the following
    There needs to be put in place world wide a bounty on every leader of society that starts , causes, or intends to cause harm to others in or out of a war.
    Enough of a bounty to scare help out of all leaders. where their own country men will turn against them.

  3. no nation will risk a nuclear exchange to save the ukes. so puty can nuke the ukes and the west will only respond with more sanctions and condemnations. a good candidate is Livi. right on the border with poland. let the radio active fall out drop on the poles.

  4. “I have always believed and believe in common sense so I am convinced that sooner or later the new centers of the multipolar world order and the West will have to start an equal conversation about the future we share – and the earlier the better,” — Putin.

  5. Apparently the Western "Leaders" are still content to watch this annihilation like it's an X-box game.

    The fact the USA was so quick to jump into the Vietnamese jungles and sand pits of Afghanistan (where the enemy was undefinable and indistinguishable) yet refuse to help an actual democracy (Ukraine) is nothing short of PATHETIC.

    All Free Western cultures should be ashamed for using money & weapons to clear their consciences.

  6. The US has been involved in more than 110 wars since WWII, they have engaged in regime change. assassinations, torture (let's not forget Abu Graib) they use people and then leave them high and dry like the Kurds and lets not also forget those that helped the US in Afghanistan, left behind to suffer the consequences and are now invading Haiti to protect the wealthy against the masses who are poor and sick of their governments using them (the US calls the hundreds of thousands of protestors Terrorists – it seems if you protest you are a terrorist, what next). NATO is not a peaceful organisation and its the US that has caused this war. The only difference between the US and Russia is that Russia puts its troops on the ground and the US arms Ukraine to do their dirty work for them. In doing so they have been responsible for the beginning of the collapse of the EU and the US is going into recession and instead of looking after their own people Biden is sending Billions in aide to Ukraine and bullying others into doing so also using threats and sanctions for anyone that does not agree with them. They even threatened UAE that they would withhold military aide if they did not start helping Ukraine. All thuggery! Putin does not want to see Ukraine destroyed. If the US had stayed out of the war then it would have ended very quickly. Why does US not support talks? Because its not in their interests to have the war end before they weaken Russia. Ask yourself what motivates the US to keep war going, what do the get out of it. I could spoon feed you but its up to all of us to seek the truth.

    What the US and NATO should do is stop supplying weapons and let the war play out. Putin does not want Ukraine and the matter is far more complicated than you realize. The US only makes up 4% of the world's population but they think they can tell everyone what to do. US should be concentrating on their greatest threat, China. They have no idea what's coming!

    And no, I'm not Russian just and open minded and politically interested Australian.

  7. Your video is only 60% correct. The definition of a tactical nuclear weapon is one you can use on the battlefield. Much lower yield and they detonate high in the atmosphere so that the radiation disperses in the atmosphere. It devastates an area of roughly 2 km and your soldiers can safely enter the area after about 30 mins…….so no tactical nukes would not be used to take out a city and may provoke a conventional response in return rather than an escalation. That is another option. If they were to use a nuke that would be the first step.

    We know that something big is about to happen. Putin has declared martial law and asked the residents to leave quickly. Is that a response to the Ukranian fighting or is Russia planning a big offensive the likes of which we have not seen as yet?

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