• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Who is actually winning the war in Ukraine has changed almost weekly. Just five months ago, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine looked …


25 thoughts on “The New Phase Of The War In Ukraine”
  1. Well if you need to help the enemy or they would kill or harm you. You need to go through a core's to tell them what they already know. An nothing or thing's of no value that they don't have . Like where troops are yet they moved as in where they where.

  2. This is a new kind of fascism – Russofascism. When a less developed nation wants to own a more developed civilization with a deeper history. To do this, a less developed nation (Russia) claims their right to inherit the neighbour's historical roots, just because Moscow land (or now it is Russia) used to be once the colony of Ukraine (that time Ukraine would be called as Rus'). As a result, Russia calls all Ukrainians superfluous on this earth and advises them, if they don't like it, to get out to Europe. Because Russia wants to save the Ukrainian land from the Ukrainians. This is Russofascism. It is a new kind of fascism.

  3. 2:11– "civilians rallied around a Charismatic president"… im all for ukraine winning this war, but why is no one talking about how fucking corrupt zelenskyy is?

  4. Thjnk about it u seeing the old war stuff Russia have so this could mean they are now getting started the new weapons aint come out yet and you are using up all your stuff

  5. i mean i guess but nice guy’s always finish last and you don’t win anything by playing nice and following the rules i would of just put the bodies in a pit and start up a large bon fire

  6. Poor cat, for the Stone Age Ukrainians with a strange jewish president, now an autocrat, we dont care in Germany. . Opposition is for bidders. The Borders of Nazi Ukraine are clipped for men ( Only North Korea is doing it too ! ) Russians will soon educate the 15 Million in the country. Russia promised 1 Million Afghan US trained soldiers free land to built houses in west Ukraine , Lviv or Lemberg, also along the polish border as a military system of border security to the west ! Bravo Russia foe great fight in Ukraine, Congrats. God save Russia !

  7. Now 130 000 Soldiers of Ukraine are dead 730 000 wounded in the worst way, never they can live a normal life. All 2000 Tanks are destroyed, also 80 % of the country by the wrecking down system with long distance missiles and Drones. Its over with Ukraine, these guys are long time dead !

  8. I've no love for the murderous sob Putin, but where is the objectivity in this reportage? It's a complete puff piece for the UA who must be commended for their bravery in defending their homeland. However, I expect journalists to be objective and not be a mouth piece for any side. Other reports I've read suggest that the UA is having a tough time atm and that is not being reported for strategic and operational reasons by the UA. As the saying goes, the first casualty in war is the truth!

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