• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

From blowtorch-cooked burgers to saunas in trenches, Ukrainian soldiers are digging in for the winter phase of the war with …


21 thoughts on “Trench Saunas And Blowtorch Burgers | Life On The Russia-Ukraine Frontlines”
  1. Now I understand their need for a sauna.
    When you freeze your ass day in day out out in – 30°C temps and constant wind plus no heating you absolutely need a way to get the cold out of your bones.
    Russians who hope an easier ride because of winter are going to be surprised once again by Ukrainians' determination.
    This is just so much like an abusive relationship that has been over for long but the abuser won't accept it.
    Hopefully the winter gear the Canadian government pledged will protect them well enough.

  2. The McDugout… bad mood, fast food, meets a warzone!… get your McDugout at the nearest Ukrainian trench, wave a white flag and you just might live to taste it…

  3. As soon as winter sets in Russian lines will collapse and the ones who are still alive will be surrendering in mass. All the idiots who think winter favors Russia don’t seem to understand that they have no winter clothing and no logistics. If Russia could not provide logistics to 180k troops at the beginning of the war when they controlled all the roads & rail hubs how in the hell are they going to supply 300k untrained conscripts when they have lost almost all of their supply routs and can’t use aircraft because their pathetic army could never gain air superiority?
    Russia has lost this war and there is not a damn thing in the world they can do that will change that. Putin and the Russian military are the laughing stock of the world right now for a very good reason, they earned it.

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