• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Ukraine Captures 11 Ancient KS-19 Anti-Aircraft Artillery Pieces in Donetsk

Another video pushed back a bit because of current, more time-sensitive events. SUBSCRIBE for daily updates on Ukraine …


42 thoughts on “Ukraine Captures 11 Ancient KS-19 Anti-Aircraft Artillery Pieces in Donetsk”
  1. Mount them on all terrain trucks and they will become a lot more useful and efficient than they will be on wheeled trolleys …..every little helps!

  2. Your observation doesn't say anything about the condition of the tubes. If they're all in good condition/within normal limits wear, they're still effective. If they're half worn-out, not so much…and they're not going to have a long service life either way.

  3. It's not as weird as it seems when you consider these can just be used as artillery. I highly doubt anyone was using them to shoot at aircraft in normal operations.

  4. I suggest that you look at the videos of Ukrainian crews interviewed after receiving more modern artillery to replace old ones. They certainly know the difference.

  5. the most plausible explanation is that these were ukranian, captured then recaptured. why because everyone had more important things to worry about.

  6. Yes, they are old. Yes, they are museum pieces,however, you use what you have got, and a 70 year old shell will kill the same as a 70-seconds old shell

  7. Donetsk is using a JS-3 Josef Stalin tank from World War II. They took it from a war memorial, got it operational, and used it for their parades. I'm not certain if they used it in combat…yet.

  8. Drone magnets: could be used with conscripts, firing simultaneously with more concealed, more accurate and newer weapons to draw counter battery fire and costly drones.

  9. That's pretty insulting to the Mauritanian military to be compared to the Russian military. They haven't been b!tch-slapped and bvtt-fvcked day-after-day for 380+ days straight by a country they thought they would defeat in 3 days. Please record an apology to the brave fighting men of Mauritania and all those others that you similarly insulted.

  10. 100mm is still not bad, this wll be nice for urban actions. fire some rounds with airburst shells into buildings and trenches is okay. hope we see some shoots from them soon

  11. Captured? Lol, clowns are stable. These guns were removed from conservation and they were stored in Ukrainian warehouses. They pulled them out of the warehouses around the same time that equipment irradiated with radiation began to disappear in the Chernobyl landfills, miserable propaganda

  12. @suchomimus if they slap a new paint job on it, its considered modernized in russian military. all the rest of the funds go for european villas and billion dollar yachts for russian politicians.

  13. I think Russia has huge inventories of 100mm ammunition and are trying to find anything that can fire it. That might also be the reason we see T-54 and T-55 tanks moving around. China and North Korea might have large stocks of older ammunition that they can funnel towards Russia if Russia has some gun that can fire it.

  14. Failed state dickhead military parades, the ones that preach bullshite imaginary foes whilst wheeling out their latest limp phallic virility symbol now know the master performer has left the room. Pathetic would be a compliment.

  15. the most important thing is if those barrels are even worth saving [they could be] and the ammo available. the barrels could at least be good for scrap. make rebar out of it like we do.

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