• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Retired Air Vice Marshal Sean Bell explains why Russia’s assault on Bakhmut has stalled. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel …


33 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Why has Russia's assault on Bakhmut stalled?”
  1. Why do they never mention piece,they think they are dealing with a game of soldiers, and not human beings "utter disgraceful human behaviour.

  2. I had to go back 7 days to see a general talk about the Ukraine Special Military Operation. LMAO. Sky News ran out of ammunition. Maybe Sky News can bring a shovel to the fight. Give shovels to Ukraine to take back BAKHMUT. LMAO. MOTHER RUSSIA RISING

  3. Yelp, if Putler can just stall enough the West will give him all the washing machines he has captured and all the land he needs to declare PEACE IN OUR TIME – Victory and Crimea are still ours by right of spoils of war.

  4. Bakhmut is fallen and Ukraine Soldiers are being slaughtered by Russia Special Military Operation. The Russia Army has not activated as yet and still they continue to take territory. Ukraine must surrender and begin occupational talks with Russia Government 🙂

  5. People r nuts! The leaders r nuts af.. Crazy af. . Possessed lost the mind no intellect. .. Going through dark night of the soul? Someone needs to save the dying soul n revive it.. ☀️ intervention near.. Expect surprise n end if war. ☀️

  6. Russia should teach lessons to west , if west dies something in Iraq, Iran, Syria they fell it is OK but some else does same thing they start crying.

  7. 1 – 7. Might as well say a billion to one. The brainwashed masses will believe anything, no matter how ridiculous. Next people will be telling me 2 + 2 equals 6 because the media said so.

  8. I can't believe people in the comment's page still think Ukraine is winning. They actually believe Russia is getting spanked. These same people believed everything the media told them about covid, now they believe everything the media is telling them about this war…its quite embarrassing how the media has these people in the palm of their hands.

  9. When we getting another comical sketch from Bell End
    Bakhmut is not important, then why has Ukraine pumped in so many troops, what he is telling us is a load of crap

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