• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Ukrainian Military Near Soledar Fire German-Made Howitzer | Russia Ukraine War Updates |English News Ukraine’s northeast, …


30 thoughts on “Ukrainian Military Near Soledar Fire German-Made Howitzer | Russia Ukraine War Updates |English News”
  1. The lower the temperature outside, the more desperately Putin and his gang try to seize the soledar and bahmut. They absolutely do not care about their own soldiers, who are dying of hypothermia

  2. Putin is willing to make any sacrifice, just so he never has to admit that he lost. And that's scary. He doesn't care about human lives or even about the tactics of war. His main goal is to destroy Ukrainian territories and civilians.

  3. I think that now offensive weapons are very important for Ukraine!

    It is necessary to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to quickly liberate the entire territory of Ukraine.

    Victory for Ukraine and all democratic states!!!⚠⚠⚠

  4. People are not important for Russia. Putin and Prigozhin want to gain control of the mines in the area at any cost. Finance is the driving force behind this war.

  5. Putin is only hiding behind the rescue of Russians in Ukraine, frosts have increased, Russia's attack on Soledar in particular has intensified. The protection of people is out of the question.

  6. God bless Ukrainian heroes and everyone who's helping Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom! russian army will be defeated by our joint effort, Ukraine has proven that they are more than capable of using modern weaponry the West supplied them with. Our only chance to stop putin from causing more atrocities is to stop him in Ukraine now!

  7. The more we supply arms and retrain the Ukrainian military to new combat standards, the sooner victory will come. After all, Russia's Soviet weapons are no match for today's weapons

  8. This is a very tense moment in the war.
    It is necessary to support Ukraine in everything!!!
    We must not allow a protracted and exhausting war.
    The victory of Ukraine is the victory of all democratic states!!!⚠⚠⚠

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