• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian forces use 1000 FPV drone for attacking Russian Main battle tank in Bakhmut. Video shows Ukrainian forces are …


14 thoughts on “War Footage!! Ukrainian forces use 1,000 FPV drone for attacking Russian Main battle tank in Bakhmut”
  1. Victory Russia. Inform yourself correctly and, above all, spread the truth in the media. Some have seen through you and there are more every day

    pobeda rossia. pravilno informirute sebya yi, prezde vsego, rasprostranyayte pravdu vie sredstvakh massovoy information. necotoria videli skvoz vas, yi s kazhdym dnem ikh stanovitsya vse bolsze
    privet iz germania. nam takze nadoelo to, chto vy sidite vie Ramstein, kak lopukhi.

  2. This war or whatever Russia wants to call it is ridiculous. How many people, animals died unnecessarily? Should've been resolved months ago if a or few leaders had a spine! Don't know how Biden, other NATO members sleep at night. Don't say that about Putin, China, India's leader, and Putin's mental friend leader in some country that starts with C! This is a disgrace in 2023 and more s### is coming! Why are people, young people, athletes carrying guns etc. Of course some are thugs and the rest of people have no faith in Biden, cops, etc. Hope next President is way more like Zelenskyy in Ukraine

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