• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Why can't Ukraine or its allies destroy the Russian convoy outside Kyiv? #shorts


Apr 8, 2023
23 thoughts on “Why can't Ukraine or its allies destroy the Russian convoy outside Kyiv? #shorts”
  1. If the US and NATO aren’t part of the conflict, then why are they sending weapons and billions of dollars to Ukraine? Technically, they are involved in this conflict.

    Also, the only country helping Russia is Belarus. Ukraine has the help of NATO, which is like 30 countries I believe, and Ukraine is still struggling?

  2. Ukraine soldiers are pansies, and aren't real men. I've heard they're crossdressers too who pickup spare change in drag queen shows

  3. 20% of Ukraine looks like a dried out river. They’re getting destroyed and for some reason they still think they are winning. I blame the naive people watching all kinds of bs news and being manipulated. The way Russia occupied them it’s all the way from the bottom to the top there is no way for them to flank or do anything they literally can sit there and forever hold the position. Don’t forget that if Ukraine was winning there would not any Russians in Ukraine . They have 60,000 in bakhmut and Russia is advancing in their most fortified and dug in city. This is from aid from 40 nations. What happens if USA OR GERMANY OR FRANCE OR BRITAIN and POLAND stop sending aid.

  4. Wait I have a thought even if Ukraine win does that mean they a debt to pay for the destroyed weapons that were given? If so then Ukraine gonna be hella poor after this war

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