• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

According to #Russian and #Ukrainian forces, fierce fighting is taking place for control of eastern Ukraine’s central region.


36 thoughts on “All Wagners Vanished who Attempted to Storm the Ukrainian Forces Trench at Bakhmuth | Ukraine War”
  1. The Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories has not only received "harsh criticism", it has simply not been recognized by much of the world. Only North Korea, Syria and Iran are all in for the aggression. China is winking at Russia, and India is sitting on the fence.

  2. I am confused. Looks like both sides are killing their own guys. On 1:23, the Russian guy shoot his own guy in front. On 4:41 a Ukraine guy in the lower trench threw a grenade to the right trench which is also held by Ukrainian

  3. Ukrainian Armed Forces took that trench. There were several killed russian nazzisoldiers.

    15.6.2023 russian population go to the streets to show their opinion about putins attacking war in Ukraine, what is unreasoned so far. It is pure civilians genoside.
    Russians will show what they think about whole unaccectable attack in neighboring independent country!

  4. I, the smallest Hungarian person, would like to ask? Putin Zelinsky, Biden and all inventors, universities, banks, investors in the world, where is it that we connect all countries and continents with wind, sun, water hydrogen energy, so that we do not poison each other's souls, bodies, and brains with the war that is going on in Ukraine.. war and extinction remain.. Who decided the Ukrainians, Russians, Eu, Iran, Israel.. We can still change! You say it's impossible! Then we will all die along with the Planet. This direction is good!???? I think the direction is not good according to the little Hungarian mother! Of course, who cares what I say! 1948-1949 and 1956 showed that there can be no end to this war, because today every country is rushing, pushing, pushing us into this war again… We need gas, oil, uranium, atoms. Is Hungary a friend of Russia? As a Hungarian, I have no friends, only terrorists over my head. Oil, gas and atomic wars of freedom, so that there is no other source of energy, because they are neither built nor built so that there is no war! Neither Ukraine nor anywhere! Unfortunately!!

  5. But for the bastard Americans, this war would not happen!

    NATO expansion is more important than World peace!

    American President & NATO have their hands dipped in blood for every Ukrainian dead!

    Europe playing a stupid and worthless side-kick!

    The world will see how USA will react if Russia starts a military base in Cuba or Panama!!

    The world media, dominated by US and European channels, only show Russian losses while Ukraine has only lost territiries, people and property!!!

    The US economy will fall soon due to its unsutainable credit, lack of human character, lack of meritocracy culture!

  6. shame Ukrainian were at three directions but only one soldier kept fighting and all others hidden. we can see there was one on top killed and one on right wounded

  7. Hard to follow what's going on there. That was Wagner on the hand side, and AFU in the trench pointing up towards the 1 o'clock position??

  8. Цей розплот пекла повинен бути знищений без помилування!
    Tsey rozplot pekla povynen buty znyshchenyy bez pomyluvannya!

  9. Wow that was intense. The first 2 to advance and first guy gets dropped quick and than that one who threw that grenade perfect into 2 enemies. This war is a reminder what we are facing for ww3

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