• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

CNN’s Erin Burnett discusses a new video showing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reputed girlfriend Alina Kabaeva liken war …


34 thoughts on “Putin's reputed girlfriend makes public comments about Ukraine war”
  1. She matches with President Putin, skilled and beautiful. May God
    Bless and be with President Putin forever. I'm Thai but love President Putin. Putin The Great.

  2. @1:18 Is it just me or does this Putin look different from the Putin now? This Putin looks more British (maybe it's the eyes), but Putin as we see him now looks more Asian. And the width of his face of slimmer here than we currently see it, too. I've heard of gainign waight and muscle, but who gains muscle ( width) in the face like that? Could it be a body double? Maybe the actual Putin was killed long ago, and the person who's assumed his identity is a body double?

  3. Putin the Tearable , and his what ever, I watched him talk about family values marriage between man and woman, and he can't even put a ring on her, mother of his children, hypocritical this was his annal address to the nation, talked about how the west was lying and trying to destroy Russia, as the west has always done to the mother land Russia, the Elite of the west are lying to their own people, I hope he burns in hell for all of his sins and crimes, and my heart goes out to all those In Ukraine trying to keep democracy and their independence, and all the innocent people in Ukraine, keep Fighting the Good fight, God bless all Ukraine and it's people, I am sorry many republicans in America are turning against this war, and as a democrat, I prefer peace, but this war was forced on Ukraine, I would do the same for my own country and our Democracy
    So I have one finger for those Republicans , who are normally warmongers , the Trump Trash in my opinion

  4. Pootins mistress escort ..gers paid well Swiss are not sanction Russia putuns money…shame on Switzerland the land of Hitler and criminals who can leave cash wash the
    Stolen money from victims of ww2
    Protect crime figures …stope buying products from Switzerland stop going to Switzerland ..protest..

  5. Well she is Putins weakest link !Putins weak spot is her ! Putin is madly in love with her ! Believe me that’s why she gets millions a month for doing absolutely nothing except Putin

  6. У Кобаевой золотые унитазы,
    У русских солдат – украинский чернозём во ртах,
    У русских матерей гниение в мозгах.
    Вечный позор России!

  7. Book says wicked be Very scared the King Has turned loose The very Demon on all corupted not even Satan is Above GOD there is no more sacrifice they who come aagainst his Creation is better to have a Stone Hung round your Neck for what He will do Eternally to fallen Demons for all to see so shall Reap in their end of Time.

  8. You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, and you can always count on fooling MAGA’s all you want.

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