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Revealing the hidden casualties of one elite Russian regiment in Ukraine – BBC Newsnight


Apr 9, 2023 , ,

Amid reports of low morale and high casualty numbers in Ukraine’s Donbas, BBC Newsnight revisits Russia’s 331st Guards …


27 thoughts on “Revealing the hidden casualties of one elite Russian regiment in Ukraine – BBC Newsnight”
  1. In early March 2023…
    CNN estimated Ukrainian losses to 260.000+
    BBC and Kiev Independent both estimate Russian losses to around 16.000.

  2. Russian official: “I visited the regiments and they are fine, and they know why they are fighting.”
    Translation: “I spoke to the few in the regiment that are still alive, and they know what they are allowed to say (or get thrown out windows, jailed,shot, poisoned….whatever the dictator likes.)

  3. What a terrible waste of lives, and foolish at every level….not just the most important individual and family loss, but that these are young lives Russia can’t really afford to lose (with an estimated million dead or fled), and with Russia having a shrinking and aging population pre-war…for many years.

  4. If you guys informed and cared for Ukrainians you will be revealing the obvious, they are also suffering tremendous casualties. If Russia has suffered 100,000 casualties, the Ukraine has suffered 30,000. Is that simple, western propaganda is pathetic and is 30% as bad as Russian propaganda, still they think they are ethical, free, and are reporting, but they don't.

  5. The Russian military hasn't fought for anything to be proud of so they basically lost they're life's for nothing. And I'm sorry but those blue and white shirts make them all look gay but they they will continue to fight for nothing

  6. I still hope when this is over the world leaders will group as one to withhold every penny they can find which Putin and his cronies have and pay Ukraine all collected to rebuild their homes !!

  7. I find it quite amusing that Spewtin is now considering sending "elite" paratroopers to defend the East Ukrainian stolen lands. If they perform anywhere near as well as they did in Kyiv in the opening days of this cowardly war, they'll be history just after they land.

  8. Sending young healthy men to die for one man’s ambition, is a disgraceful use of Russians army. Putin would have gone down in history as a great intelligent leader before this war, now he will go down in history as a disgrace to his people. So sad for all the lives lost on both sides, targeting civilians by Russia will tarnish their futures and be remembered as a cowardly act.

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