• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Russia advances, Ukraine readies counter-attack


Apr 9, 2023

Video released on Tuesday purports to show British Challenger 2 main battle tanks… on the ground in Ukraine for the first time.


44 thoughts on “Russia advances, Ukraine readies counter-attack”
  1. I'm sorry but don't trust west to much. Dieing make a deal with devil putin.I hope I'm wrong. Seen these dogs political leaders sleep with devil. God bless Ukraine. From usa

  2. France to supply two thousand artillery rounds per month. Big deal. The Ukrainians fire 4-5 thousand per day while the Russian forces fire 20,000 rounds per day.


  4. Now, which side is begging for more shells and tanks? That should provide the answer to the situation in eastern Ukraine. Oh, and air defense, planes. Who's got them? That's right. The russians. They have their production lines in place unlike the ukrainians and the west. The western emperor has no clothes. The west provide arms easily matched by the russians. That ukrainian counter offensive is going to be a mass slaughter. A truelly awful prospect but the west (read the UK and US) has been pushing that idea ever since they rejected the negotiations in Istanbul last year..

  5. How about calling for peace because Ukraine has nothing left apart for propaganda and old men .Supporting anything other than peace and foolishly flying your flags, you are just a responsible as the lying politicians and media.

  6. Wagner have crushed ukraine army in Bakhmut and have no lost more then half the city president zelensky been on the news to tell us there loseing badly AND NEED MORE HELP NOW LOL

  7. I hope that 460 Polish T-72 and PT-91 tanks and armoured vehicles, 14 Leopard 2 tanks, 72 self-propelled howitzers KRAB, hundreds of anti aircraft PIORUN missiles, thousands of MSBS GROT and 28 Polish fighter jets sent by Poland will help Ukraine to win this war. Slava Ukraine.

  8. Bring Trump on, he says he’ll settle the matter in 24 hours. Like he settled Afghanistan, belly up and surrender, hand Ukraine over to Russia, disband NATO. Real Tough guy.

  9. Hope to see more real time video footage of Challenger 2 poses beside toasted Russian soldiers with their junk tanks at the end of tank battle soon. Show us the real power of British Goliath in action. Slava Ukraine!

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  11. And Than after all shells flew away, Factories could not make More Bombs
    What than? do we learn to play Adults once more, Or What?

    China May Walk in Pacing to take over or Chaotic Nations?
    What's the End Game?
    Grow Up allready

  12. 2,000 new shells a month from France. That in nearly 8 hours worth of artillery operations in a month. Only another 60 times more new shells to go.

  13. France send 2000 shells per months? Wow that is impressiv…. France and Uk used 6 million shells before a big attack in first world war… at a very small front

  14. we will never know the real advances or accurate casualties. The worst a soldier can hear is that they are losing the war. Propaganda is and will be rampant on both sides

  15. It is safe to say that regarding the statehood of the Russian Federation, geopolitics, Kremlin activities, army matters, all this is very far from the truth, it's just pretending, it's the same that Vladimir Putin has a partner Alina Kabaeva, who has many sports medals, in including many zlotys, this is an important action on the subconscious, but we do not know whether Vladimir Putin is genuinely in a relationship with Alina Kabajewa (???) It can only be an action on the subconscious of the people, the great authorities of the world's visually largest sports champion (many gold medals). The whole activity of the president of the Russian Federation together with the Kremlin is just such a daily pretense for the propaganda of the people of an ordinary Russian. It's the same as the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan 1979 to 1989, in the period 1986 to 1989, the then president with the Kremlin, the army that took part in the fighting, they knew perfectly well that this war could not be won for sure, those several thousand killed Soviet soldiers died completely unnecessarily and the authorities in Moscow knew it perfectly well. The current situation is exactly the same as in the period 1979 to 1989, the Russians receive false information. Currently, we all know perfectly well from this war the Russian Federation with Ukraine, the Russian side will not win this war, but the propaganda subconsciousness of the people must know what they have already learned. It's as always another game of propaganda illusion, it's a pity that the Russian Federation kills its own completely unnecessarily (???) (F097)

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