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Ukraine releases video claiming blitzing of Russian artillery


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17 thoughts on “Ukraine releases video claiming blitzing of Russian artillery”
  1. these simulator video !
    Russian master stroke in their 1st phase was to push into Kyiv -stop on the outer side and had effect of locking in Ukrainian resources – locked major forces in Kyiv . while Russian with a small forces itched way in the east and coastal areas. Average person only see what Western news out lets want them to see and think.

    25,000 Russian or any army can not take and hold Kyiv 2.8 million population spread over a large area.
    As for Russia army communication – its a very enclosed communication is encrypted impossible to decode – even by USA.
    Russia has only about 110,000 total forces engaged in Ukraine operation- out that number flight force is about 75,000. rest are engaged in logistic -engineering, -Its rubbish media reporting and those they bring on as experts -sing from the same hymn book supplied by USA.

    Second phase is looking like – Russia will encircle 65,000 Ukraine army, and national Azov guard units in the east of river diepier .
    Ukrainian have said 6,0000 dead numbers looks like lies , incorrect. Its much higher numbers – Mariupol had 14-15,000 National Azov battalions with 5,000 Ukrainian marines. totalling 20,000 – Most are dead and approx. 2,500-3,000 have surrounded to Russian.

    2500-3000 thousand are in hiding at the Azovstal plant. These hard core Ukrainian Azov Nazis elements that have committed gruesome crimes against Ukraine of Russian speakers and background. Now they are afford to face the Russian music.

    Ukrainian Trolls – Do your math – that's just in one city in the east Mariupol .
    Zelensky is being told by US and NATO not give out real dead numbers – to keep the Ukrainian army flighting – to keep up their morale.

    When all is said and done and if, when Zelensky admits is to true losses – His Azov guards providing his security will turn on him. Azov far right have publicly said anyone compromising with Russia will see them self hanging in the Kyiv central square. !
    Well done USA-NATO – another country Ukraine and its people lost – like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan – !

  2. There are two possibilities. Either Ukies shooting themselves. But it's more probable that Russian jets destroyed Ukrainian Artillery in Vinnitsa. According to map Vinnitsa is way far away from Russian military force.

  3. Its interesting to see the comments when CGTN report from the other side for once and bots just don't like it! its good to see balanced reporting making CGTN more credible

  4. Ukraine is so desperate resorting to media to show their winning when in fact comedian's men are dying, trapped in a steel mill and forced to stay and fight. Poor devils.

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