• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Ukrainian soldiers waiting in trenches have told Sky News they’re ready to defend themselves if Russian troops attack.


26 thoughts on “Ukraine troops ready to defend themselves in trenches”
  1. Heads up,Be proud on your Country,Fight like your life depends on it because it does! I know how is to be fighting against 50 times stronger enemy i was in Bosnian Army and we didn't have nothing but huge heart and Love for our Country and we did it we defended our country! Love For Ukraine

  2. UK and US is pumping billions of dollars of weapons and special forces to help equip and train the Army. Russia is going to pay a big price if they invade. Tanks are useless against javelin AT missiles. And they have 1000s of them from US. Ukraine also have a very good missile made in Ukraine. Good thing about this missile is its fire and forget.

  3. I think we should he genuinely scared about this. America said they will help against Russia and China has agreed to help Russia if that happens… This could get very serious.

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