• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Ukrainian soldiers clear out Russian dugouts from Wagner mercenaries | Military Mind | TVP World


Apr 9, 2023 , ,

Soldiers with the “Wild Fields” company capture Russian positions near Bakhmut #TVPWorld Bringing you all the latest daily news …


31 thoughts on “Ukrainian soldiers clear out Russian dugouts from Wagner mercenaries | Military Mind | TVP World”
  1. Die Ukraine hat die Befreiung der Ukraine Russen Verloren . Jetzt jagen die Russen die Nazis der Ukraine Armee um für absolute Ruhe in diesem Ukraine Nazis Staat zu sorgen . Amen Russland Hurra Hurra .

  2. It's sad to see people dying. It is not possible for only one person to command an entire country. putin decides he wants war but it can't be like that. until when.

  3. Maybe because I was in the Canadian forces, in the late 80’s and seeing, spending rounds of bullets with no purpose, makes me anxious! But I guess there isn’t Any other time to practise.

  4. охренеть всу трусы. а мы ещё предлагаем сдаться. в следующий раз поеду, так же буду. чтобы только подошвы от сапог остались.

  5. another chook show full of propaganda and half truths as Russia advances wiping out Ukraine's army regardless of the propaganda pushed by this mushroom show, bugger.

  6. help the Ukrainians, picket the houses of the heads of companies that do not want to take business out of Russia.
    do you stand with Ukraine or what?

  7. I am a USMC Colonel, retired Professor of Electro-Optics/Plasma physics and Quantum Electrodynamics and very much more. If I ever caught anyone under my command shooting in any such idiotic manner, he would immediately have an extended "holiday" in the brig. NEVER is it remotely possible to actually hit anything other than air by shooting blindly, without taking careful aim, with full attention to the many details of exact distance, air directions, rifling twist, precise knowledge of the bullet ballistic coefficient, Coriolis Effect, exact muzzle velocity of your rifle, rotational bullet climb of that bullet out of that exact rifle (each is different and all variables change with the number of rounds fired from that barrel), and very much more yet, depending upon the cartridge, the ballistic coefficient of that bullet, the precise direction from true North for shots greater than 550 meters, and more to extremely much more increasing exponentially beyond 1000 meters. To ever "spray shoot" as shown is utterly wasteful of ammunition that could be used for a guaranteed "one shot = one kill" ratio. Actually, a highly skilled sniper always shoots his enemy high in the gut area, destroying his enemy's liver, diaphragm and kidney, thereby taking multiple enemy combatants off of the front line to rescue him, transport him, provide medical care for him, etc. Just killing him outright just eliminates only one, unless he is of especially high value enemy – not remotely a common occurrence anywhere near the front lines.

  8. heroes heroes yes yes but common nobody talk about how fucking horrible this is ?! hearing the guys weird sound at the at when he shoot at him from the small hole.. this sound look like he must have have of his face shatter and still not dying.. this is just horrible and the most craziest thing is all you guys freak having your dopamine hit from those gore videos
    your brain are broken

  9. This is all small unit(squard level) action 5 to 10 men, NOT division or army group level. RUSSIANS are afraid
    to advance their armor(because javalin and nlaw antitank weapons are superior to russian tanks(junk)).
    With out an armored mechanize infantry advance, russia is stalled!! The wagner group CAN NOT even close
    one hwy!! Ukraine and western media "human waves, mass casualties" are nonsense"!! Where are the videos
    of dozens or hundreds of bodies!!! This is like the US Army body counts in vietnam, total fiction!!
    As it is this is a draw to move to checkmate Putin, Biden would have to stop holding back f16's and abrams tanks.
    (The usa is holding back arms, because a total defeat of russia would cause it to breakup again and
    cease to be a threat to the USA or the EU!!! if russia no londer posed a threat to EU or USA, the defense
    budgets would be cut and the military industrial complex would suffer.

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