• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

The Wagner Group has said that it has hired people from Afghanistan to fight the war in Ukraine. The Russian private military …


31 thoughts on “Wagner Ropes In US-Trained Afghan Fighters? "Afghans Operating M-777 Howitzers, Javelins In Ukraine"”
  1. Sure Russian losses are higher than Ukraine's in Bakhmut. Shucks, just do the math: Russia can fire at Ukrainians from three and even four sides, while Ukraine has the lopsided advantage of only frontal fire. It also has the lopsided advantage of just one arty piece for every ten of Russia's. It also has the advantage in about ten times fewer and far-less effective air-strikes. Its biggest advantage is having no long-range missile capabilities, of course. Finally, let's not forget about Ukraine's "big game-changer" HIMARS, which saved the day at Soledar, like they're doing at Bakhmut now.

    Alrighty? In all, figure Ukrainian losses to be about what Col. Macregor estimates –one Russian per seven Ukrainians.

  2. I've seen footage of those afghan soldiers being trained. They were smoking weed and didn't seem to care at all about military drills… They hardly fought against the taliban..

  3. Not one word from the US government this shit is funny asf all the tax payers money on one stage at the same time who would had ever dreamed of this day

  4. О потерии украине тожа говорите не успевае соберат труп на месте как поджигаеть. Всё равно про всё мир узнаеть,том числе сильно увиличевате Российский потерия. Российский армии знаеть как воеват не надо фейк слит.

  5. Another Biden Blunder. If Biden wouldn't have allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, then this would not have happened including the suffering of the massive Afghan peoples. The CIA under Biden's direction negotiated with the Taliban to take over the country. Biden agreed to leave billions in weapons behind for the Taliban as part of the negotiations.

  6. America sez, "If you can't beat the goat herders dressed in dirty night shirts hiding in the caves of Afghanistan then surrender and join them".

  7. Take it with a pinch of salt. There are a lot of russians dead, but for every russian dead solder, there's about 5-6 other ukrainian dead soldiers.
    The death ratio is about 6 to 1.

    But you're not being told this.

    In fact, it's the Ukrainians that have been salughtered. The average ukrainian soldier survivability rate is about 4 hours on the frontlines of the most fierce areas.

    They keep telling how many russian soldiers died but never how many Ukrainians have died.

    But there are independent sources who post the numbers on both sides, regularly. The ratio is 6 to 1.

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  10. Biden did well then. Left all the weapons which I thought behind the scenes were given to the Taliban for some deal. Instead likely not. The Afghan take the weapons and then fight a country the US wants to protect. But hey hang on. Are the Afghans that stupid.

    Would the Afghans whos relatives were killed by the Russians recently when Russia was at war with them, suddenly turn around and want to help Russia just for money. I’d thought the Afghans were religious and had beliefs. No way. Go and help the Russians. I think not. They spit on the ground at the name of Russia

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