• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

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  1. Here's a little poem for the soldiers being forced to Ukraine. If you got white underwear, before you turn them brown, take those puppies off, and start waivin them around.

  2. There spot on. Legally they have no papers. So they don't exist. The commander is correct, they are witnesses to this crime and will be killed one way or another. This is the true face of the criminals in the Kremlin.

  3. These Orcs only now seem to realize the evil and corruption of their Mordor leadership and fellow citizens. And as they only care for themselves, nobody cares for them. Now it s too late. They are probably ripped apart by schrapnel the moment we watch this video.

  4. They look very clean, clean faces, hands and clean uniforms. For being in trenchers and bunkers for 14 days , I’d expected them looking dirty and worn down. Is this just fake propaganda?

  5. Nothing new there.extorting your fellow soldiers charging them for munitions no loyalty between fellow combatants and the leadership behind the lines are so corrupted they've sold off all the best gear or real equipment their ammunition fuel ect who wouldn't want to be in the Russian army or rejoin the Russian empire.i mean people are literally dying to NOT join Russia again.
    Slava Ukraine and the free.support from your UK brothers and sisters ✌..

  6. dayum that left guys nose has seen some serious combat action!
    what i cant understand is how theyre totally aware of being screwed over by their own leadership, and yet they still dont revolt. just sad..

  7. We have a saying in the US. "When the chickens have come home to roost."
    It essentially means, "When all the shitty things you did come back to bite you in the ass."

    I bet every one of those men in that bunker are/were huge pootin supporters. Well… looks like their chickens have come home to roost. <shrug>

  8. How odd. That you think this is really how the soldiers feel on the ground. You can actually talk to people who are there, instead of rehashing the same washington waffle you know. Oh never mind. See you when the time comes. Putin's popularity is over 80% here. I wonder why that might be…

  9. So why are they even fighting ? Why don't they simply surrender then join the russian unit fighting for Ukraine with tbe intention of freeing russia from putin and his gang !? They must know that their own side doesn't give a shit about them !

  10. It really saddens me to see these men, farmers, labourers etc probably with families, who should be breaking bread with their Ukrainian cousins, are instead sent to their deaths because of Putrid and his ego.

  11. I see a lot of people blaming these soldiers. When most of these were being sent to an area they didnt want to go, or lied to. The same people screaming they should abandon their posts are ones that attacked US draft burners. Not the rich ones (you know the ones that paid a shit load of money to defer them and instead send your brother, uncle, dad, son, father, etc) you cheer as smart and praise as better than the ones who died there.

    I see a lot of similarities to those being sent to Ukraine as those being sent to Vietnam.

    Seeing people who are talking about the shit they went through by their OWN forces, and people saying, "well you should just not go" is laughable.

    as always Glory to Ukraine!!

  12. Their statements are so outrageous that it's difficult to believe. Is it possible that Russian military commanders have zero respect for the lives of their soldiers? If this is true I don't see how we can ever come to peaceful coexistence with such a people, sociopathic murderers and apathetic sheep to the slaughter.

    Could you PLEASE lose the stupid background music running through the entire video? It's cheap theatrics and leads me to a loss of credibility on your part.

  13. Well, every oppressed nation knows what to do with their oppressors. Maybe orc love it?

    Anyone knows what this harp tune is? It's so sweet.

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