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How are Russian tanks destroyed in Ukraine? | Rock Rachon | TVP World


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Ukraine #Russia #Kyiv #Bakhmut #UkraineWar #rockrachon Rock Rachon 04.04.23 Guests: Steven Moore, Matthew Tyrmand …


20 thoughts on “How are Russian tanks destroyed in Ukraine? | Rock Rachon | TVP World”
  1. there was no fraud, the independant voter is not going to vote for him, even if EVERY Faud based vote was counted he still lost by a land slide since the fraud votes were often a GOP voter and/or dead numbered in the single digits in most cases

  2. The logic of thinking suppressing Trump by the Dems to run is stupid… if the Dems wanted to secure the 2024 election they would be avoiding letting him run, hence this is less political and more the status quo for Trump, he has had thousands of lawsuits and lost many of them… this is another one… the man deserves it. He has stiffed MANY people over the years including the US Gov on Taxes… If the Dem had their choice, they would love to let him run, as his Core Base, hell, even the WHOLE GOP side alone does not have the votes to elect him.

  3. The casualtie and body counts are just fiction(like the body count fiction in vietnam). ALL I EVER SEE ON CNN, BBC and your videos is small unit actions(3 or 4 guys in a ditch) no large
    division, baltlions or even squards!!!!!!! ??????? YOUR VIDEOS ARE FICTION!!!!!!

  4. Let's remember people go to jail for falsifying business records. You are more likely to go to jail for illegally selling cigarettes in the US. Fat cats like tRump get off all the time. Why didn't they charge him years ago? The justice department has a screwy rule that you can not indict a sitting president. He got a 4 year pass. His lawyer went to jail. If tRump had won Ukraine would have cut off, NATO terminated and America First (same name as the pro NAZI political group before WW2), would lead us to isolationism and better ties with Russia. We see some very powerful Republicans that favor Putin at this point. Look at Tucker Carleson, Marjory Traitor Green, Matt Gaetz, Gosar, Bobbitt…

  5. Thank you again young man for another awesome show. I know that I can count on you Rockon for the straight story of news in Ukraine. I always enjoy when you have Steve and Matthew on very important informative show. Thank you Rock and I will watch you on Thursday.seeing

  6. I am pro peace and against any kind of the war but why those Russian parents send their naive 19 years old boys to occupy another country and die in the Ukrainian fields and trenches? Why? …I would understand if the russians fight to protect their own country but 176 000 loosing their lives and 529 000 wounded loosing their eyes, arms, legs and other body parts in the shame of the killing civilians and children, occupiing, invading and destroying Ukraine,…WHY?…Instead the russian army should rebel against Putin and go after him and why not give him a capital punishment publicly in the middle of the RED SQUARE. SLAVA UKRAINI.

  7. As a NON Trump voter, I can say, this thing with Trump is ridiculous and embarrassing for the US justice system. It started as soon as he won the '16 election. After 2 overtly political and partisan impeachments and the MOST expensive tax payer funded investigation EVER into something they KNEW to be false from the beginning, it became clear that the Democrats (which INCLUDES the mainstream media) have weaponized the Department of Justice and have been and still are, using it to attack a political opponent. Its NO DIFFERENT than what Putin does and the mainstream media performs the SAME functions for the Democrats as the State Media Propagandists do for Putin. There is actual PROOF- a paper trail, witnesses etc… that Biden was taking large sums of money from foreign countries (China, Russia, Ukraine etc..) through his son, yet no investigation? What did/do they get for such payments? We don't know, the DOJ doesn't investigate Democrats apparently. The FBI raided Trumps house for papers he as President, had the power to declassify, yet when it came to light Biden, ACTUALLY had CLASSIFIED docs in 3 DIFFERENT UNSECURE LOCATIONS, his lawyer was allowed to just bring them in- no huge raid on tv AND that was enough to end that Trump investigation or itd STILL be going on. Whats happening in the US is one political party is able to and DOES, the EXACT things Putin does and since the mainstream media is a PART of the Democrat party, theres nothing to stop them, nothing to protect the citizens and these politically motivated attacks will continue on Trump until the next Conservative comes along, rinse and repeat- they've said the same thing about EVERY Republican since Goldwater in '64- just read any article about Nixon in '72 Reagan in '84, Bush in '04 or Trump after '16, ALL the exact same articles with just the names changed….. and libtards are too dumb to realize this and buy in EVERY TIME and they cheer these attacks on Trump while joyfully watching the things that make the US great, get buried under politically motivated corruption.


  9. OK, that's just insane to insinuate 45 running for president again is a democratic plot, and not his own ego, and desperation to escape consequences of his actions. Also, he still wants to be a dictator.
    Right wing desantis is not a crossover candidate. That's laughable.

  10. Steve, thanks for climbing all over the tanks! Really enjoyed seeing the rare views and personal vantage of the Russian garbage. (remember to wash your hands after touching the poop)

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