• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Russia rains fire on Ukraine Army with MSTA-B Howitzer as deadly fighting rages on | Watch


Apr 10, 2023

Russian forces struck Ukrainian positions with MSTA-B Howitzers. The Russian defence ministry shared footage of a Russian …


29 thoughts on “Russia rains fire on Ukraine Army with MSTA-B Howitzer as deadly fighting rages on | Watch”
  1. Long live Ukraine and Ukrainians for fighting against the invading forces to defend every inch of your territory. This war for freedom will go in the history of world as how valiantly a smaller nation fought a big expansionist forces. India is also prepared to deal with china now.

  2. Wait when russian convict units join the fight. They will be highly motivated fighting for Russia, their own freedom and the war loot. Go Russia

  3. Russian now are contemplating of what the Ukraine army do….best way to fight is not to burnout the technique…multi media now are sort of showing the ideas of what they did to russian army now its time to ripe ukraine for too much confidence

  4. It’s payback time for them lapdogs Ukranazis

    At 20:00 on the evening of September 11, Russia used high-precision missiles to bombard power plants in Ukraine.
    Specifically, destroyed 4 factories:
    Kharcop 5 thermal power plant and Zmiepskoi thermal power plant in Kharcop province; Pavlogratskoi -3 thermal power plant, Dnepropetrovsk province; Kremenchuk thermal power plant in Poltava province.

    Missiles are fired from the Black Sea and Kaspien.

    As a result, many parts of Ukraine suffered a power cut. In Kharcop, metro stops working. Lost water and cut off the Internet. In 5 provinces without electricity: Kharcop, Sumskaja, Dnepropetrovskoi, Zapotoje, Odesa provinces. Power cuts also occurred in the Kiev-controlled part of Donetsk, the province and the capital of Kiev.
    Zelensky also posted a forum, confirming the collapse of the Ukrainian power grid.
    The two nuclear power plants Khmenitskaja and Southern Ukraine had to turn off their engines because they could not connect to the Ukrainian energy network.
    All-Ukrainian electric trains have been stopped.

    This bombardment was not enough to completely paralyze the Ukrainian energy system. Energy experts point out, it is necessary to destroy the 750/330 kilowatt substations located in Central and Western Ukraine.

    This is a signal, showing that Russia has many unused fatal blows in Ukraine.

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