• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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42 thoughts on “Russian MoD on fire in Moscow | U.S. STRYKERS ready for Ukrainian counteroffensive | Ukraine Update”
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  2. Artur, I watch most of your videos. I generally agree with most of what you say and I’m pro Ukraine as far as their defense and sovereignty. I do want to remind you that Russian tactics are not soldier friendly. You mentioned the soldiers as a zombie and unable to think on their own. We have both been soldiers and neither of us have been in an army where these tactics are used. We were able to use our brains to better our training and battlefield outcome. I completely disagree they are zombies but outcomes of their situation. I’m sure they know what is about to happen. Scared to death I’m sure. The alternative is to turn around and be killed by your own command. It’s a tough position to be in. At least going forward may offer more hope than the alternative. Remember, they are human.

  3. Putin brought Finland into NATO, which was unthinkable, and at the same time ensured that NATO countries, above all Germany, are now massively modernizing and rearming after long decades of disarmament and military downsizing. Not only "NATO is getting closer", it is being strengthened in terms of acceptance and equipment. I am writing from Germany and I am experiencing Bundeswehr soldiers in public for the first time, a clear change in perception.

  4. We diffently can do a dame good break through. We could easily come up through syria and Afghanistan and shit place troops over on that and cut through russia into crymera and bahkumut

  5. I got a few dame good ideas we can do as well along side the rest of the troops thank giving out good ideas as well. But for me thats for sensitive eyes only like our troops and our president but ya same gose for other countries thats helping out.


  7. 14:41 It is absolutely fascinating how everyone at the same table as Putin, isn't looking at him. To me, it signals they're are afraid for their lives, afraid to react offensively so they don't look at him at all.

  8. There would be no counteroffensive from US or any NATO countries, because that is what Russia is waiting for to teach US and NATO a lesson, stopped hyping US and NATO because they are cowards, US can not fight Russia one on one so they are hidden behind Ukraine skirt to fight Russia, if US and NATO couldn't defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan who don't have any sophisticated weapons how would you think they can defeat Russia a country with 6 thousand nuclear weapons, let's say if Russia use a nuclear bombs on Ukraine or any NATO countries in the east, what would US do, absolutely nothing., If US and NATO cares about Ukraine they would not be sending weapons to Ukraine for more Ukrainians to die, US and NATO don't give a damn about Ukraine and it's people, they only care about their own selfish interest, to contain Russia.

  9. (Warning: Harry Potter reference). Regarding Putin’s divergent speeches 10 years ago versus today, perhaps it is not he himself who has brought about the change. Perhaps the position he occupies as Russia’s president is cursed, like the position of Defense against the Dark Arts in HP. Maybe no one can be president of that country and not end up warped … just a thought

  10. Wagner forces in Bakhmut rely on logistical support that is brought up as they advance. HIMARS are capable of destroying the supplies that are stockpiled behind the advancing mercenaries.
    Why have these supplies not been targeted? Why are we not hearing about any use of the HIMARS lately ??

  11. Estonia was about the most generous supplier to Ukraine , with all their 155 howitzers and a list so long that you'll have to look it up in wikipedia.
    Germany prevented considerable early timely Estonian donations before the 2022 invasion. That all has to do with laws about weaponry sold, and Scholtz party choices.

    Wagner has exhausted itself in Bakhmut and is being replaced in town by "elite" Muscovite troops, VDV, etc.

  12. Why don’t you use your celebrity status and start asking those in Ukraine to request UP Armor Bulldozers from the US! They will turn the tide against trenches and small villages defense line the the new NaziRuski had built.

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