• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

INCREDIBLE drone footage shows the moment a massive Russian convoy was attacked by a single Ukrainian tank. Footage …


22 thoughts on “Ukrainian tank single handedly destroys massive Russian convoy east of Kyiv”
  1. Don't be fooled by these propaganda channels, go to the Stephen Gardner channel, everything will be clear to you! You will see how much propaganda can wash your brain!!!

  2. Kinda surprised by how many shots they missed, but i have never driven a tank, and Ukraines tanks dont have advanced Fire control at the moment, so maybe aiming in the old tank is hard, not to mention accuracy may be hard when you are this out numbered with no infantry support, so perhaps the firing was not precise calm firing. But props to the crew for not backing down and fighting anyway, and not making themselves an easy target

  3. EXTREMELY misleading title. It should have said something like single 'Ukrainian tank 'engages' massive Russian convoy' rather than destroy, because it 'destroyed' what, one enemy vehicle? a couple at most.

  4. Shows videos like this where the tank indirectly somewhat hits one, but ignores a videos where Russian tank single handedly takes on two ukriane convoys at once and destroyed 7 armored vehicles and tanks in like 30 seconds and makes a ukriane tank shoot at another friendly tank?

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