• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Column of Russian Vehicles Were Under 'Rain Attack'! Ukraine's Artillery Stopped Russians!

Column of Russian Vehicles Were Under ‘Rain Attack’! Ukraine’s Artillery Stopped Russians!


22 thoughts on “Column of Russian Vehicles Were Under 'Rain Attack'! Ukraine's Artillery Stopped Russians!”
  1. Missiles? How about artillery. And no vehicles were impacted so just looks like some poor adjustment-on-target. The vehicles made a mistake by grouping and stopping so that was the time to fire for effect. Video looks like they then did the right thing and started driving out of the area of fire.

  2. 10 years ago Google mapped all the roads in the Ukraine just like what they did in America. This means the Ukrainian roads have GPS location coordinates and with drones spotting the russian tanks/vehicals the Ukrainian artillery units can quickly hone in and drop high explosive roads accuartely on the enemy

  3. Be very careful with posts such as this because you are in danger of divulging your secrets to the enemy. All this can be predicted with enough footage and countermeasures put in place . Surprise is the essence, with overwhelming firepower, and then movement away from the area immediately. Hit ! Hit hard and scram. Long range artillery is only useful when your enemy is encamped and prepping an operation. Long columns are best off ambushed and mopping up with mgs. Put the fear of God in them.

  4. The attrition of men, armored units, aircraft, cannon, is unsustainable. Ukraine needs to cut off supply lines from Crimea, and eliminate the artillery threats across their eastern boarder. Putin obviously is not a military strategist only a second rate KGB office boy.

  5. The fields look like the moon, tho i dont really see any wreckage i know its easy talking being 1000+ km away but it looks like a lot of ammunition going to waste

  6. Unfortunately Russia is stealing steal sheets from Mariupol port, if nothing is done about this then Russia can carry on making military vehicles or armaments to carry on the fights in Ukraine and Syria. If TB2'S or something else can hit these ships they have to. Or the port's

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