• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

A fire reportedly broke out at a building belonging to Russia’s defence ministry in Moscow, as per TASS news agency. Russia’s …


16 thoughts on “Fire at Russian Defence Building, Ukraine Pilot Held After Crash, Putin Blames US-Led "Coup" for War”
  1. The British caused a civil war in Syria. (admitted to it)
    The U.S hate implented fear into their own Allies to support ukraine. (Has even threatened own allies especially poland about the loss of ukraine)
    NATO Drones and systems mostly U.S were founded, captured and even spotted by locals of many sides thus unable to cover any of them up.
    And America is very worried/anxious to where they have to station their troops In poland in brace of NATO conflict with Russia.
    I wouldn't be surprised since the West are dirty bastards no better than Russia and Ukraine. hell they're even unable to control their own people. (as a citizen of the U.S. you mf's say Ukraine is good for being supported but you damn well know we have major issues our own president and political parties refuse to help out with lmao)

  2. It should be like this, the Russian Federation should follow the example of Canada, it is a healthy country and healthy relations between states. Unfortunately, what Vladimir Lenin created is a huge list of mistakes, problems and crimes… You have to face the truth, what happened, the consolidation of power (1917-1918), the formation of the government, is one of the greatest misfortunes of a large part of the world, the Russians themselves they suffer from it to this day. Vladimir Lenin with his mental (anxiety) problems created something that continues to this day, it should be changed. The Russian Federation should follow the example of Canada, so that the people of the Federation there become happy. Reduce mortality in your country and more. (A089)

  3. They are not respecting any agreement
    Nuke them for sure USA doesn't have enough resources to fight in long run specially china is just waiting for the perfect timing to strike as well

  4. In defense of homeland, it doesn't matter how many heroes the enemy claims. There is a difference. It's not the same for invading a sovereign nation for a madman's political survival. You don't waste your life for that.

  5. Russians always bleating like lost sheep in the meanwhile ! Russia's own Bagdad Bob came out with this today , Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has said any peace talks with Ukraine must focus on “creating a new world order”.

    Agence France-Presse quoted him as saying: “Any negotiation needs to be based on taking into account Russian interests, Russian concerns. It should be about the principles on which the new world order will be based.” and we all know how the principles of the Third Reich looked and how it ended, in the meanwhile it could be good news at last for the UN permanent Security council if the wanted war criminal leaves to start up this new order thing , maybe China will leave also . plus the other usual suspects

  6. Wait, was Darya Trepova actually wearing a "Maine" sweatshirt in court? She's facing terrorism charges and she is wearing apparel representing a state within the territory of what is considered to be a hostile foreign power? Either she is hopelessly naive, a graduate of a university in Maine, someone who doesn't give two f**ks what the look might imply, or she was dressed by the FSB to further implicate her. Interesting. Russians just can't escape their deep ties to the West despite the best efforts of their propagandists.

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