• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

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29 thoughts on “Ukraine Artillery”
  1. That nuke arty killed a squad of soldiers in White Sands. Film in a 20th century documentary. He is captain on left. They were put in wrong trench less than a mile from ground zero. No protection, just fatigues helmet and sunglasses. Most disregarded orders and stood up too soon. They died in few years. Dad waited longer. And slowly died with impaired immune system. With frequent pnuemonia, etc. And pulling an oxygen tank around. From strong tough soldier (SC and CID and arty MOS's) to weakened, often very sick drawn out death over some years. Died at 61. Rest of family lasted to late 80's and 90's. God grant we never have a nuke war.
    RIP Dad. CW4 KMS.

  2. Too hard to work with Pion on modern war. Not enough ammo, a lot of time to change position, hard to make directly fire. Nowadays, the task of the minimum for Pion is to intimidate the infantry (and he copes 100%), the task maximum – is to put the infantry into pieces.

  3. If you can only fire the Carl G 4 times in a 24hr period supposedly….How many pulls off that bitch can the crew take??? Overpressure has to be insane

  4. I trained on the M110 (8 inch SP Howitzer) in 1984. Several on the M109A4 155mm Sp Howitzer for 4 years and we were nuke capable. It wasn't just a "thought". It was a thing.

  5. This guy makes killing and destruction sound like a football game this is the rydell 1 inch cleat used by defensive linemen to get better traction I guess war is always going to be a reality might as well enjoy it

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