• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged Chinese leader Xi Jinping to bring Russia to the negotiating table over the war in …


20 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Emmanuel Macron urges Xi Jinping to bring Russia to negotiating table”
  1. Very sad news as a Canadian to hear that someone I supported has chosen a DICTATORSHIP over Defending Democracy. The West must reevaluate its relationship with France…

  2. Sky news:). British news HOPE , he was there for it . French see end of this war with one result, and went there to do business with Chinese ( which is good for France, Airbus contract and more). Soon Americans released, that ukrainians can't get back territory and will sit dawn to the table with russians and divided Ukraine . Simple is that.

  3. Why western media always spin story of EU country leaders telling China what to do????
    The truth is China telling EU leaders to come to their Sense not to support USA to the detrimental of Europe.

  4. Why drag China into this? It's the European and the American mess. China has nothing to do with the war. China minds its own business but the west always wants to interfere China's internal domestic affairs.

  5. useless. China wants Russia in its embrace. The west have done that much. A new world order is forming where the US poodles like britain cease to matter.

  6. Reason and diplomacy should always be attempted, I hope Macron's visit proves successful.
    Having said that 2014 and 2022 were both examples where toothless diplomacy was tried, the belligerent power knew it, and invasion was the result.

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