• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Sky News military analyst, retired Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell, examines statements made by the head of Russia’s Wagner …


32 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Themes emerging out of Ukrainian warzones”
  1. So when the Ukrainian counter attacks they are gonna lose 3 to 1, and ist this propaganda outlet gonna report that?
    Defense industry hack artists making money on the backs of dead people

  2. They don't need jets. We the United States needs to pull back and offer only humanitarian aid. Exhausting our weapon reserves is not the answer. Soon very soon the American people are going to rise up and throw the inept, corrupt politicians in Washington out of office. This is what happens when there are no term limits and idiots are allowed to stay in office.

  3. Russia is bound to fight. China's economy is going to cross the US economy by 2032. That's why America and Europe together want to surround Russia and break it into many parts and spread Europe further.
    So that China can be completely besieged in time.

  4. Putin and chines have challenge the supermacy of NATO
    It's mean , totally

    Now it is fully charged and engaged war established
    Which only decide by final countdown
    And Putin finger and Kim John fingers are perfectly on red button nuclear charge
    It's mean 24 and year 25 are very much durastic and very complicated

  5. Continue to pray for Ukraine and for their total victory and for the demise of the evil criminal dictator putin and his devil regime. Never let up until the evil is gone from Ukraine and their Crimea.

  6. The US will use this to claim China has cross the red line in supplying deadly weapons to Russia. The Chinese shovels are deadly as they are used to clobber the Ukrainian soldiers to death and same time can dig holes to bury them. The US Lawmakers n the Western media will make a big issue out of this to justify sanction China.

  7. RAINIANS UNDER THE RUSSIAN BOOT – US local interest is different from Europe's.
    Europe should go back to everyday business with Russia.
    Europe needs good relations with Russia and not with her Belarus and Ukrainian minorities !
    PS. They are animals and leave host apartments dirty and devastated, even MALICIOUSLY when must move out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wagner is not the Russian Army. Any success they have makes the Russian Army look bad. If Bakmut falls Wagner looks great and the Russian Army looks like they failed. I think the Ukrainians see this as an opportunity to destroy Wagner and make him look bad in the eyes of the Russians. The Wagner/Russians seem to be losing 800 men and 30 tanks a day and they consume vast amounts of resources. I think the Ukrainian plan is to “bring them on” and let them pour resources down the black hole. That makes Bakmut sort of Strategic. It will be the battle where all the resources for the spring offensive were wasted.

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