• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Ukrainians capturing Wagner trenches near Bakhmut | Military Mind | TVP World


Apr 11, 2023 , ,

The Russians have been driven back from Bakhmut and are now attacking positions close to the town. The nearby village of …


10 thoughts on “Ukrainians capturing Wagner trenches near Bakhmut | Military Mind | TVP World”
  1. ex-military here: GET UR ASSES DOWN, has russia not learned about sniper rifles yet? you guys better be thankful. Think about your families when you are out there filming urself standing up in a battlefield like a premature boner, at risk of getting slopped from afar. You think the 'Art of War' is about bravery and positivity? no its about cold hard facts, strategy and equipment. Ukraine woulda been K.O if it wasnt for constant hundreds of million in material support… dont let that shit go to waste, as a tax payer, I may be no one to you, but I am a 'no one' that is part of the $40,000/year regular joe salary, and you guys need only take it easy once this is all over.

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