• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Are vintage Russian T-54/T-55s being moved to Ukraine?

I believe that these vehicles are being pulled out of storage to deal allow Russian artillery units to have their guns reset in depot …


31 thoughts on “Are vintage Russian T-54/T-55s being moved to Ukraine?”
  1. I believe that these vehicles are being pulled out of storage to deal allow Russian artillery units to have their guns reset in depot since these vehicles would do poorly on the front line.

    The Railheaded T-55s



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    The F-412 and OF-412 projectiles:



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  2. If I was Russia the first thing I’d have been doing was whittle away the opposition by using the cheapest most expendable equipment before I waste away all of the better more expensive weapons and vehicles and ships. Gives them more time to mass produce drastically better armaments and better longer training for their operators.

  3. Have you seen a video of T-55 in battle in Ukraine ? No, why ? because the video of those tank moving on rail are from 2019. Until you haven't seen them in combat, well they are not in combat.

  4. I think that Russia is using old equipment in Ukraine because they have lots of post world war 2 equipment and after they get rid of the old equipment they'll start using modern.

  5. Why do I feel like I want to "go home" every time I see ANYTHING from the 40s-50s? Literally, I feel like I miss everything about those days, even though I've never seen those days.

  6. I get using it for mobile arty to substitute existing arty getting their barrels replaced but like for comparison of how absurd this looks imagine today's US started sending M4 Shermans towards a war front of theirs.

    Not a perfect comparison by any means in terms of hardware but a (to me) entertaining way to express just how goofy this looks

  7. I can't believe the US thought Russia was the second best army and because of this the US increased its budget so high just to keep up and now the US can decimate the entire world.

  8. On paper it’s not a bad idea, in reality it’s a terrible idea. The t-54/55 are very different from the other t series tanks operated by Russia. Other than the obvious downside of relying on antiquated technology it lacks the auto loader of the more “modern” t series tanks. The t-54/55’s like all Soviet tanks have terrible gun depression and elevation, paired with a old and inaccurate 100 mm gun it’s less than ideal as even a stop gap. I highly doubt these tanks are to be put into any actual combat scenarios and may be used more as service vehicles which would help tanks stuck in mud or other obstacles get free.

  9. Dont underestimate the Russians, in the 1980s the Soviets had 3 times more Equipment and Soldiers compared to NATO they got loads of untouched gear of that era, not stupid to use it, so the ukranians have to use their limited ammunition against them.

  10. while it is a good guess that the idea is to use them as artillery, do not underestimate the ability of troops on the front deciding to do whatever they want with them.

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