• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Russian forces have had some success in the eastern frontline city of Bakhmut. But now Ukrainian forces are ready for a major …


15 thoughts on “New phase of Russia-Ukraine War: Will there be a spring counteroffensive? | World News | WION”
  1. If NATO doesn't back Ukraine in an offensive assault ,defence only will be a bloody and very costly in helping them defend themselves. Like a dog chasing it's tail the American people are going to become weary pouring money into a conflict which has no stated win or victory.

  2. Russia will say anything to be believed that they are right. But even considering that there is evidence showing Russia's guilt, they continue to lie in order to somehow justify the violence they are doing

  3. The conflict has escalated on every front, with Russia continuing its methodical demolition of cities. The southeastern area of Ukraine has already been ravaged, leaving millions of Ukrainian citizens stranded in a scorched wasteland.

  4. Sure there will be, Ukraine will kick russians out of Donbas soon. And we should help them. The world should understand that putin's russia is a threat to every single democratic state around the globe. Putin and his army of murderers will only stop when they will be stopped. I think that helping Ukraine to defeat them on Ukrainian soil is an optimal outcome for everyone.

  5. Bahmut stands thanks to the courage of the Ukrainian defenders, as well as our help, which we offer to Ukraine, while Putin’s army loses thousands of soldiers, but Putin continues to throw his soldiers into this grind where the Ukrainian army simply destroys Russia’s reserves

  6. Ukraine has been on the edge since the start of the war against Russia. Even if Ukraine wins, the country will be heavily indebted and will become a puppet state by the EU/NATO and if Russia wins, Ukraine will be humiliated by the EU/NATO for being incompetent.

  7. the war has been a lot of fun so far and yes everyone has made a lot of money betting on who is the winner so far
    but you should remember as the war drags on everyone gets a little bored so there is less money to go around
    so i hear you ask 'what should i do' !!!!!!
    well its free advice but i would stick to russia and yes you wont get good odds but its easy money
    as they say Slava Russia

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