• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

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28 thoughts on “Russian Fortress Is On Fire: Ukrainian Army Has Destroyed The Russian Aviation Base!”
  1. Give Ukraine the weapons that they need to kick those evil beast out of their land,Russia invade Ukraine steel there's land,the west should stop pussyfooting around that crazy dictator its very bad for the world China and India and the rest of dictators stands by his side.darkness can not overcome lights,

  2. Russians will kill putin soon, keep kicking ass Ukraine much respect for you guys. Free world needs more heros like you. Also this is big because if Russia would of been winning easily I bet China and other hateful countries would of been in Bolden

  3. NATO could take Putin/ Russia in a week if they really wanted to. Russia is nothing more than a paper tiger. Ukraine will rid itself of the Putin plague.

  4. Oh cool!!! One step closer to neuclear war!!! Thank the FBI and the corrupt Democrats for trying to start a civil war on Jan 6 and thanks for creating another proxy war with Russia while u ended a war in Afganistan and left them all our weapons so Isis is back and fully stocked and ready to defend themselves and our border is being flooded by terrorists and cartels

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