• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian drone drops a bomb on Russian soldiers in a trench and sends them scrambling in fear. The Command of the …


28 thoughts on “Russian troops scramble as Ukrainian drone drops bomb on trench”
  1. What's with the big "Z" they put on their crap? I mean, wtf, it's like a deer painting a bullseye target on itself to make it easier for the hunter. Russkies! Pff! I know the "V" they use sometimes stands for Vodka, not what sure the "Z" is meant for though.

  2. I wonder why no weapon that fully integrated with drone, just hit the button by drone operator, its work like Javelin rocket but no need to see directly to target, target see by drone. .. Ukraine need weapon like that.. Its easy to made I think..

  3. Honestly this is pointless this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the russian army I think they should leave there not gonna win and even if they drop a 1000 more drone bombs it's not doing much.

  4. Highly distressing to Rasputin and his minions but not to me!

    Soon show the Ukrainians dropping bombs on the Kremlin and Rasputin scrambling to get to his potty (stolen from Ukraine)!

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