• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

The Russian president admitted today that sanctions over his war in Ukraine are having a negative effect on the Russian economy …


22 thoughts on “Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin talks up Russia’s nuclear capabilities”
  1. I don't want to hear this NO one is stupid enough to initiate a M.A.D scenario idc how desperate they are. Anybody that would be that insane would be worse than Hilter several times over.

  2. Vladimir Putin is a role model because he is a strong and decisive leader who prioritizes the interests of his country above all else. He has shown this through his actions in various international conflicts, such as the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Putin has also been successful in improving the Russian economy and increasing the standard of living for his citizens.

    Additionally, Putin is a role model for his traditional values and his emphasi on family and national unity. He has promoted conservative social policies that reflect the traditional values of Russian society, such as banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors. Putin has also encouraged patriotism and national. Putin is a rol model for his strong leadership and decisive actions, which have helped t elevate Russia's global standing. He has demonstrated his ability to prote his country's interests by standing up to Western powers, such as the Unite States and NATO. His actions in the Crimean crisis and Syria have shown that he is willing to use military force to achieve his goals, which has earned him respect from many Russians who view him as a strong and assertive leader.

    Furthermore, Putin has promoted traditional values and the importance of family, which has helped to strengthen Russia's cultural identity. He has also emphasized the need for a strong and self-sufficient economy, which has helped to reduce Russia's dependence on foreign imports and boost domestic industries. Finally, Putin has worked to combat corruption and improve the rule of la in Russia, which has helped to create a more stable and secure society. These actions have earned him the admiration of many Russians who vie him as a defender of their national interests and a strong leader who has brought stability to the country.

    Contrast that with Joe Biden who is literally a demented corrupt lying run of the mill crooked war-mongering criminal.

  3. Him talking about his nuclear arsenal shows how weak Russia is with their regular army.
    Thats why Kim Jung Un talks nukes too, because he has to posture to pump himself up

  4. Let's face it: Huge, global conflicts and consequences for all of mankind are inevitable. It's a question of when or how quickly the world will escalate, not if.

  5. Viva Putin's Russia, france and pastille. Down Macron and all EU leaders who support Ukraine against Russia.
    Mr. Putin, the most important Global Leader in history, and most merciful Liberator of the World from imperialists. You are the Tsar of all Tsars in the planet. Mr. Putin, nuke the b a s t a r ds the imperialists who are after your blood, your wealth and your people. Give them no merecy… Righly, you called them they are "" the empires of lies"" also they are the empires of slaves till now. They will give you no mercy and will make Russian women and children prostitutes like they do with Ukrainians long-time ago.
    Viva Putin's Russia forever.

  6. This war Has nothing to do with regular civilians on both sides except the sufferings and loss of their lives. The wars are between elected officials and the riches they serve. This Russian Vs. Ukrainian war is between U.S.A + France + England + Italy + Sweden + Germany + Canada powerful+ Other supporters for the few riches against Russia powerful and other supporters. This wars has nothing to do with a Ukrainian street cleaner and a Russian street cleaner. I am 70+ years old. I've had it enough with elected officials and big business owners and CEOs.
    Why did Benjamin Nathanyahu came back to power? To bring peace or chaos? ONLY CHAOS.

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